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Styling Instructions for the Crown Braid as Shown by Kate Bosworth

Actress Kate Bosworth is the stylish image of an accomplished performer and astute business woman. She shows us her playful and artistic side by reinventing the classic crown braid. We explain how you can weave several braid elements into an artful crown braid as shown by Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth knows how to play up her beauty and business acumen at the same time. Whenever she does not perform in front of the cameras she is busy putting the final touches on her fashion app 'Style Thief'. The app shows her diligence. In Hollywood, she revealed the refined product playing both the parts of designer and fashionista. We were smitten with her sophisticated crown braid version with several braided hairstyle elements. Every detail counts in technology, in apps, and of course also in fashion and hair styling.

Kate Bosworth put her version of a crown braid in the spotlight. Read on and learn how to weave your version of this delightful hairstyle.

Create Kate Bosworth’s Crown Braid One Easy Step at a Time

Step 1

Apply volumising spray to your hair for increased volume and bounce. Your hair will also be more manageable.

Step 2

Create a low side parting and separate a wide strand of hair at the back end of the side parting toward the crown of the head. Beginning at the side parting, use this strand to start a "half open" French braid toward the opposite hairline above the forehead. Once the braid reaches ear level, continue braiding along the hairline.

(With "half open" we mean that a strand of hair is added to the braid with every loop from the front only. This secures the braid at the hairline. No hair is added to the braid from the back.)

Continue with a simple braid to the hair ends and secure the braid using a scrunchy. Allow the simple part of the braid to hang down freely. Later, we will wind it around the head and secure it.

Step 3

Now take another strand of hair above the origin of the French plait and braid this strand. This is a simple braid. Secure the end of this braid with a thin scrunchy. Allow this braid to hang freely for now.

Step 4

Lift up a third strand of hair on or close to the crown of the head and weave this strand into a simple braid. Guide this braid parallel of the other two braids and secure this strand using bobby pins.

Step 5

Use bobby pins to secure the second braid (from step 3) around the hairline as well.

Step 6

Secure the third braid in the same way as the second braid.

All three braids are now secured along the hairline.

Step 7

Now take the remaining hair on the side below the parting and braid it toward the back. Secure the end of the braid using a thin scrunchy and secure the braid with bobby pins.

Step 8

Use your fingers to loosen the braids. Finally, apply some hairspray.

Kate Bosworth – Poised, Smart, and with an Assured Sense of Style

Kate Bosworth was born Catherine Ann Bosworth. Her acting career started after a chance meeting with Robert Redford. At the time, Robert Redford assembled the cast for the movie 'The Horse Whisperer'. While looking for a girl with good riding skills, he landed in Kate’s riding club. 14-year old Catherine Ann was not particularly interested in the part but she auditioned anyway. Interested or not, Kate was chosen for the minor role of Judith in the movie. Her performance was impressive and received much attention. However, she decided to finish school before engaging in her brilliant acting career. Among her credits are parts in 'Blue Crush', 'Superman Returns', and '21'.

Styling the Kate Bosworth Crown Braid

Images of an accomplished actress - Kate Bosworth, casual, sassy or elegant

Aside from pursuing her acting career, Kate Bosworth is also interested in fashion and styles. Her penchant for casual fashion and hairstyles soon made her a style icon.

Beach waves (left) are Kate Bosworth’s preferred hairstyle. The waves make her fine hair appear fuller. She also likes the sassy updo in the centre photo. The subtle colours of her makeup in nude shades complete the picture. The sleek ponytail (right) flatters her beautiful face with its simple elegance.