Hair Styling | Tips and tricks

Using Hairspray Correctly

For slight volume or a firm updo: The spray marvel is by our side whenever hold is needed. With proper application, the super sprays keep all their styling promises: Fixing without stickiness, extra gloss, gaining control of flyaway hair, heat protection. How do you do it? We disclose the new professional tricks for this all-rounder

Certainly one can do without a lot in life, but one thing is essential for styling: Hairspray. This little must-have does great things: Hair can be tamed or pushed to maximum performance at the push of a button, depending on your preferences. For this universal weapon to accomplish all of this to our fullest satisfaction, it must be used correctly. Here’s how:

The Right Can

Not all hairsprays are created equal. The right product is offered for every styling. Only the perfect formula also leads to the desired result. Sprays with liquid elastin for example are ideal for everyday use: They define and fix the look, which nevertheless stays flexible for a beautiful, natural effect. Hairsprays with repair complex provide added nourishment for hair, making it wonderfully supple with a healthy glow. Products with a gloss effect are a great choice for glamorous hairstyles. They provide the perfect finish!

Keep Your Distance

Many hairsprays are available today that offer a firm hold without making hair unattractively sticky. They are easy to brush out again in the evening. Be sure to keep a distance of about 30 cm. This ensures the best distribution of the particles throughout the hairstyle, rather than concentrating in one place. Only spray briefly since here too less is more – and your hair is not weighed down.

Push-ups for Hair

The fine spray can conjure up significant volume. Tired, drooping but also fine hair is revitalised with a few shots of hairspray. Apply the spray at the hairline, only in sections – this is best done while holding your head upside down. Let it dry briefly, toss the hair back, finished! Rather than just the surface hair, also apply spray to the lower layers. Here it is best to lift individual strands. Products with collagen provide an extra kick: They lift the hair at the hairline and give your style extra pep – a great look for anyone who likes to wear their hair open.

Special Sprays

Just aim and spray. We already know it’s not that simple. What else? Here are the best hairspray hacks:

For smooth results: Distribute the spray on the palms and gently wipe over the hairline – to tame small hairs sticking out

Details: Get flyaway hair in the updo under control with a discarded toothbrush – spray and comb

Good distribution: Never hold the can still, always keep it in motion while spraying

Layer by layer: Apply gloss spray to a brush before brushing it through your hair, for especially even product distribution

Alluring: For extra effectiveness, spray the hair BEFORE using the curling iron

Better pinning: Apply hairspray to bobby pins before putting them in your hair. This provides extra hold since they slide out less easily