Hair Styling | Tips and tricks

How to make that fresh-from-the-salon feeling last at home

Nobody does a better blowout than your hairdresser and your tresses never smell nicer than after a trip to the salon? We tell you which tricks or products make that fresh-from-the-salon feeling last at home!   

It's not just a new cut or color that we go to the hairdresser's for – we also go for that salon-fresh feeling. Our hair smells a bit different, feels better, looks shiny and gives us #hairgoals – up until the next wash. Unfortunately, we don't make it to the hairdresser's on a daily basis, and that fresh-from-the-salon feeling can't last forever. Thank goodness for these quick and simple tricks that help us groom our hair to make it look like a professional was at work. Which tricks? Voilà:

8 tricks that make hair look like it's been freshly styled by your hairdresser

1) Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner from the same series, which is what hairdressers do. The scents and ingredients are perfectly matched and complement each other ideally.


2) We're often in a rush and don't wash our hair properly. Do it like a professional and indulge in a little head massage. This stimulates the scalp for a circulation boost and you can be sure the products have enough time to work their magic.


3) For a deep clean: Shampoo your hair twice in a row. The first wash can be shorter and mainly removes styling residue. On the second wash, let the shampoo sink in briefly to unfold its full cleansing properties.


"Sure my life isn’t perfect. But my hair is."


4) For extra shine with minimal effort: Rinse hair with cold water after washing. This seals the hair cuticle, which gives you a glossy mane. And: Generally wash only with warm, not hot water.


5) Regularly use extra care – for example a hair mask twice a week. Tip: Distribute masks with a brush – that way they spread more easily and reach more follicles. To intensify the effect of the mask, wrap hair in a towel and leave for 15 minutes. Hairdressers also often use leave-in-packs. They don't just nurture hair, but leave a wonderful scent

6) Use a heat protector before blow drying or straightening. Otherwise, the heat will dry out your hair and it loses its shine.


7) Blow dry over a round brush. Admittedly, this takes a bit of practice. Alternatively, try a rotating round brush. That way, even beginners can create volume easily. Tip: A good hairdryer is worth the investment. It will provide optimal, faster drying, making styling easier.


8) Use styling products in moderation. No hairdresser uses huge quantities of gel or wax on your hair. Why would they, when a hazelnut-sized portion is enough to style a look. The same goes for hairspray: A few pumps of the spray are enough to set a look.