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Create a Full Head of Hair like Professional Stylists

A full head of hair is often considered a woman’s crowning glory. Naturally, women have developed many methods to create the appearance of full hair. We want to share with you some of the best volume-creating tricks of professionals. Hopefully, you will find them a useful addition to your arsenal of styling tricks. Let’s see what styling methods the professionals use and what hairstyle choices they make to create a full head of hair

A wealth of blonde hair framed her alluring face. Small wonder that her style and look are here to stay. There is no reason to fret if your hair is not quite so full and luscious. Professional hair stylists know how to make almost every hair appear fuller than it actually is. Today, we like to share their simple tricks with you.

Tools for Creating a Full Head of Hair

Dry shampoo, styling comb, volumising spray, and hairspray

Step-by-step Instruction: How to Create a Full Head of Hair

1. Hair must be completely dried to begin creating a fuller looking head of hair. You may want to use dry shampoo to produce proper manageability.

2. Apply volumising spray to your hair before teasing it strand by strand using a styling comb.

3. Then brush the teased hair carefully and apply hairspray to maintain the created volume.

Added an extra-large quiff to her otherwise undone long hair. Only the hair on the crown of her head is teased while the rest of the hair is allowed to fall without much styling. To create the quiff a strand of hair must be held up and warmed with a blow-dryer before it is teased. This strand is then rolled into a quiff and secured with bobby pins. A little hairspray keeps the quiff in shape.

 In his video, hair expert Armin Morbach shows more of the many methods to create a full head of hair. Check out our photo gallery for hairstyles, which make your hair look fuller.


Video: How to Give Your Hair Terrific Volume