Hair Styling | Tips and tricks

Hair Style Testing without Scissors

Women are rather tentative before they decide in favour of a rather trendy but somewhat extreme hair style like a short pixie or a punk undercut. There is good reason to stop and think before using scissors on your hair. Chances are that the result may not look like the style you wanted and had imagined. You are not going to experience this disappointment if you use our tips and test the desired new hair style without parting with your long head of cherished hair

Many women would love to try out a trendy new hair style. Inspired by Agyness Deyn's platinum blonde pixie haircut millions of women in the world longed to sport such a dazzling short haircut. On the other hand, few muster the courage to wear their hair like the 24-year old Alice Dellal who shaved the hair on one half of her head. Despite this striking and certainly unusual hair style or maybe because of it, Alice Dellal is now in great demand as a model and has already modelled fashion for such famous designers as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang and Valentino.

Of course, wearing such drastically unusual hair styles requires more than just a little bit of courage. Besides, who is ready to light-heartedly part with long cherished hair styles and carefully pampered long hair. Your heart may be set on tamer goals like a chin-long bob the way Keira Knightley wears it. While this requires far less courage than cutting your hair like Agyness Deyn and Alice Dellal, there is still a lot of hesitation. Once arrived at the hair saloon all you can most likely manage to say is "I just like you to cut off a little bit at the ends please." That is going to leave you with the same old hair style, silent frustration, and the serious desire to work up more courage the next time.

The frustration is unnecessary. There are ways to test a radically new and trendy hair style without cutting off your retreat to the familiar hair style together with your hair. A few quick styling tricks can mock the desired hair style whether it is a pixie, a sophisticated undercut or a cool bob. The new style takes a little fakery but not one inch of your long hair. There is always time to reach for the scissors after testing the hair style.

Hair Style Testing: The Mock Bob

Test wearing a bob by gathering your long hair about 2 inches above the hair ends in a scrunchy. Some strands of hair escaping from this loose ponytail are not a problem at all. On the contrary, those stray strands only add to the casual charm. Now wrap your hair around toward the neck and secure the rolled up hair with hair pins. If curls are your style you may use a curling iron on the front hair and stray side strands. This mock bob is going to look quite real and allows you to test how it looks on you.

Hair Style Testing: The Mock Pixie (Short Haircut)

To try out a shorter haircut simply curl your long hair using a curling iron. At least temporarily, curly hair appears shorter than straight hair. Then use hair slides to secure the strands of curls in the back of your head. You also have the option to test long fringes with your mock short hair. Simply tuck away the side and back hair but leave the fringes as they are.

Hair Style Testing: The Mock Undercut

In an undercut the side hair is shaved while the rest of the hair remains long. Wearing this trendy haircut does indeed require quite a bit of courage – then it takes even more persistence to return to a more conventional style. You should therefore ask your hair stylist for an undercut only after some serious considerations. Here is a simply way to test this hair style before committing to it for keeps: First create a straight side parting. Opposite of the parting apply a small dollop of hair gel to the hair next to your temple and comb the side hair back underneath the covering hair. Secure the sleeked back lower portion of the hair with crossed hair pins. Few will notice that you haven’t (yet) used the razor.