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Vanessa Hudgens Wears Finger Waves

Vanessa Hudgens Wears Marcel Waves à la Jean Harlow

Vanessa Hudgens parted with her long mane only recently. We admired her at least equally appealing new short hair style at the MTV Video Music Awards 2011. The haircut is reminiscent of the roaring twenties. Jean Harlow made the Marcel waves (also known in a modern form as finger waves) famous in the 1920s. Learn from our hair tutorial how to style them!

These are the tools you need to create the hair style:

Blow-dryer, styling mousse, comb, finger wave clip (vintage wave clip), high-gloss hair spray

Creating Vanessa Hudgens' Hair Style:

  • Work styling mousse through your freshly washed hair. Then part your hair low on one side using a styling comb
  • Use a comb to divide the bangs and the front hair into several strands. Push the strands up toward the roots to create waves and secure those waves with finger wave clips
  • Blow-dry your hair completely and allow it to cool.
    Carefully remove the finger wave clips. Remember not to comb your hair but rather pull it into shape using your fingers
  • Combing your hair would ruin the Marcel (water) waves
  • Use sufficient high-gloss hair spray for hold and glamour