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Cut, Colour and Condition According to the Lunar Calendar

Lunar phases are believed to influence the way people feel and act. They may also influence the hair care and styling success. We explain how to schedule haircuts, hair colouring and hair care for best results

Hardly any heavenly body fascinates people as much as the moon. In many cultures, people venerated the moon on special days of the moon and duly honoured its ever changing appearance on special holidays in hopes to better their fates and the harvest. There is no shortage of reports linking everything from increased birth rates, fractious human behaviour, and crime rates to the health and behaviour of animals and humans. For every one of these reports there are others, which debunk the notions or discredit the statistics. To this day, people endlessly debate whether there is a connection between health, beauty and the lunar phases.

The Influence of the Moon on Health and Beauty

The rising and falling tides of the oceans show the full force of the moon’s gravitational field. Believers in the lunar cycle effects on human bodies (including the hair) ascribe a similarly forceful effect of this gravitational field on the bodies of humans and animals. According to their belief system, hair grows stronger, hair care products work better, and the styling is more beautiful if the hair care regimen is scheduled according to the lunar calendar.

The Influence of the Zodiac Signs in the Lunar Calendar

On its way around the earth, the moon passes a different star sign every one to two days. Some people believe that these constellations also influence the health and beauty of animals and humans on earth. Whether or not you believe that this is a myth, giving the schedule a try does not really harm anyone. We compiled the lunar cycle rules of hair care for you.

Cutting Hair/Allowing Hair to Grow according to the Lunar Calendar

Accelerated hair growth: Conditions during the waxing moon promote hair growth after a haircut. Therefore, you should cut your hair between the new and full moon if you want your hair to grow fast after a haircut.

Decelerated hair growth: If you wear short hair and you want your hair to grow as slowly as possible you should cut your hair during the waning phase of the moon (between the full and new moon). Your short hairstyle will keep its shape longer.

Influences of the star signs (zodiac signs): Fine hair will grow in strong and thick bunches after a haircut while the moon is in constellation with Leo or Virgo. Leo provides full hair while Virgo ensures perfect styling.

Hair Care according to the Lunar Calendar

The waxing moon symbolises regeneration. Accordingly, this phase promotes hair generation and repair. Hair care treatments and conditioning rinses are particularly effective in this phase between the new and the full moon.

Influences of the star signs: The days of Aquarius are particularly conducive to shampooing hair. Hair treatments work especially well during constellations with Aries and Sagittarius

Hair Colouring according to the Lunar Calendar

Body, skin, and hair are at their level best in the waning phase of the moon. This is when changes to the hair such as hair colouring work best.

Influences of the star signs: Hair colour will last particularly long when the moon is in constellation with Sagittarius or Libra. The hair colour will be brighter if it is applied while the moon is in constellation with Aries, Sagittarius or Virgo.

Leave your hair alone on these days of the lunar calendar

The lunar calendar contains good and bad hair care and styling days. When the moon is in constellation with Pisces, Cancer or Scorpius you should neither cut nor colour or condition your hair.


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