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Hair Styling | Tips and tricks

Everything You Need to Know About Hair

One head of hair is not the same as another. Whether straight or curly, long or short, hair is an expression of our personality. Regardless of your style, what matters is that your hair feels good. We reveal the most important hair facts and the smartest tips and tricks for healthy hair

Healthy, nourished hair structure is the foundation for beautiful hair. But there is no specific formula for this. Hair is very individual, with different hair types displaying particular characteristics.


  • Straight hair: Smooth, shiny and soft hair is an absolute beauty ideal. This coveted hair structure is easy to handle, but also has its pitfalls. More often than other hair structures, straight hair can hang lifelessly and appear dull. This can easily be remedied with styling products.
  • Wavy hair: Wavy hair has probably the simplest texture and looks natural and casual. Wavy hair provides the perfect starting point for many hairstyles and the wavy look usually requires only a little moisture as care.
  • Curly hair: Women with natural curls are envied by many, but curls can be difficult to tame. This hair texture can quickly appear dry and dull, but with the right care and good anti-frizz products, curly hair can keep its bouncy shine.
  • Kinky hair: Kinky, wiry or afro hair requires extra attention and care. This hair embodies a unique look and requires special care products, such as repairing oils.

The right length for your hair

Are you ready for change, and eyeing up a new hair length – but not sure if it’ll suit you? In general, the most important thing is that you feel good. Know that a short hairstyle can be as time-consuming and expensive as long hair. And keep care in mind, too. Short hair-wearers have it easier when it comes to haircare.


  • Short hair: The possibilities for short hair are limitless. From pixie to long bob – and a myriad of styles in between. Find out at home whether you can pull of short hair by using the “ruler rule.” Just measure the distance between your earlobe and chin line. The best way to do this is to hold a pen horizontally under your chin. Then measure the distance between your earlobe and the pen. If this is less than 2 inches (5.5 cm, to be exact), call your hairdresser immediately and make that appointment for a transformation to a short ‘do. If the distance is greater than 2 inches, a long hairstyle will likely be more flattering.
  • Mid-length hair: Neither long nor short? On the contrary, mid-length hair has its charm and looks very modern with the right cut. This hair length is particularly variable and easy to care for. On bad hair days you can tie it up quickly and easily, but you can also wear it out, or elaborately styled (braids!).
  • Long hair: Unfettered by unisex fashion trends and hot debates around feminism, long hair continues to be the epitome of femininity. Long hair looks lush, seductive and feminine. But proper care is particularly important. Regularly trim the ends, use a good conditioner to make combing and brushing easier, and indulge in a weekly treatment to give your long hair all the nourishment it needs.

Find your optimal hair color

Whether black, brunette, blond or red – your natural hair color emphasizes your skin tone best. Is your natural hair color a little boring? Help it along! You can quickly and easily get the best out of your hair with a hair coloration product. Tip: If you want to emphasize your natural look, stay close to your natural shade. Observe the natural color at your roots – not your ends – to find your optimal shade.


  • Black hair: Black is chic and generally more suitable for darker or olive complexions. But the Snow White look can be very elegant if you have flawless, porcelain skin.
  • Brunette hair: Whether hazelnut, caramel or chocolate, there are many different shades of brunette. Warm brown shades are best suited to lighter skin tones, as they’re less severe. Cool brown tones flatter darker complexions.
  • Blond hair: Blond is a true classic. The light color is friendly and will make its wearer look radiant. There’s something for almost everyone among the myriad different possible shades of blond.
  • Red hair: Red is sensual. Reds, such as the currently trending copper blond, are enjoying huge popularity. Red hair is especially flattering to fair skin, and on the red color gradient there are countless options, from subtle to extravagant.

The right care for your hair

Healthy, well-groomed hair is the epitome of beauty. No matter if you tend to get oily hair, if you have a sensitive scalp, dandruff or damaged hair – the right care can be found to suit every need. It’s important to use a line of care products tailored to your specific needs. Discover more hair care tips here.

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