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Hair Care on Holiday: 6 Rules for the Best Holiday Feeling

Relaxing tops the to-do list when you are on holiday. Your mind can finally tune out, and you have time to indulge your hair: the pampering program includes good preparation, care products for your travels and the proper treatment of beach hair. Of course, beautiful holiday hairstyles are essential as well!

Sun, sand and pure relaxation – holidays are the best time of the year! In early or late summer, or during the second holiday season in the autumn and winter – it’s always great to get away. Also for your hair! It has earned a feel-good break, allowing it to recover and get ready for everyday life again. These six rules will help you:

Jackpot! The Top Six Tips for Happy Holiday Hair

1. Make An Appointment with Your Hairdresser
Healthy hair and proper care are the best way to start your holiday. That is why you should visit your hairdresser and have the ends trimmed before your trip. This instantly freshens up your hair and makes sure it looks good to the end of your holiday and beyond. Thinner and possibly damaged ends that may be especially sensitive to sun and salt water are eliminated rather than joining you on your trip. Then you have no need to worry about split ends or broken hairs at the beach or pool.

2. Proper Washing
Whether you prefer jumping in the pool or diving into the ocean, a cool shower after swimming is always a good idea. This removes potentially harmful chlorine or salt residue from your hair. A quick cool-down also closes the outer hair cuticle – for added gloss! At the end of each bathing day, you should wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Care products (for instance with Monoi flower extract) supply added moisture.

3. Use Sunblock – on Your Head
UV protection is a matter of course in the summer months. Unfortunately many think only of their skin but tend to forget their hair. That has consequences: UV exposure can bleach your hair and sunlight can even damage the hair structure. So be sure to use cleaning and care products with UV filters during your holiday. Add a sun hat, scarf or baseball cap to keep your hair and scalp on the safe side of the sun!

4. Take Time for Extra Hair Care
Everyday stress often means our hair gets left out. Take advantage of your holiday for some added pampering. While relaxing in a hammock or reading your favourite book by the pool, you can also do something nice for your hair. After all, this is when you finally have enough time to let a mask or treatment work as long as it takes! Premium care nourishes and effectively repairs your hair, supplies moisture and gives it a brilliant gloss.

5. Don’t Be Left High And Dry
Your hair needs extra moisture during the sunny season. The lengths and ends in particular can dry out quickly, making them look dull. Therefore, be sure to apply hair oil to the ends every now and then. The light formula is absorbed instantly with no greasy residue. It makes your hair super supple with a brilliant gloss.

6. Get Rid of Ballast
Take time for a detox treatment during your summer break. Special shampoos deep clean the hair fibres, stripping away product residue that has accumulated in your hair over time. You can also try the home-made power smoothie (get the recipe here: Detox Hair) to make sure your hair comes back from holiday healthy and strong!

Sun-kissed holiday hair does not really need styling in order to look great. But to avert boredom, we have some relaxed holiday hairstyles for you.

Classy Hairstyles for Your Holiday

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