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How to Style Izabel Goulart's Curls

Izabel Goulart of Victoria’s Secret fame presents the most gorgeous curls for the perfect festive hair style. Hair like hers certainly catches attention at parties, family gatherings or gala festivities. It is actually quite easy to create such glamorous curls. We like to show you step by step how you can do it at home

Izabel Goulart was on a shopping expedition through her home town São Paulo when a hair stylist discovered her beautiful head of hair. This started Izabel’s remarkable career as a model. Meanwhile, the now 27-year old is well accepted in the league of top international models. She is also one of the select few who model for Victoria's Secret fashion shows.
Her magnificent curls are our hair style of the month. Hair like Izabel's certainly makes a splash wherever she goes and is particularly suitable for special events, family celebrations, parties and the grand evening on the town. The wealth of well-defined beautiful curls falls casually over her shoulders and the dazzling lustre adds to the noble character of the hair style.
We like to help you create gorgeous curls like Izabel Goulart's. For her hair style you need at least shoulder-length slightly stepped hair. The style lives and dies with your hair’s lustre. We therefore recommend regular treatments or cures to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Find out below how you can create glamour curls at home.

You need these tools to create Izabel Goulart-style curls:

Volumising mousse, heat protectant, a large round brush, a large wide curling iron (at least 1 ½ inches wide), volumising hair spray, and finishing gloss hair spray

Here is how you create generously cascading curls:

  • After working volumising mousse through your towel-dry hair, spray some heat protectant into it. Then blow-dry your hair until it is almost dry. Part your hair and blow-dry it completely while pulling it over a large round brush
  • Starting at the ends, roll your hair onto the curling iron. Allow the hair to warm for a short while before you carefully release the hair from the curling iron. Be sure to roll up your hair in the direction pointing away from your face to give your curls maximum volume
  • Allow the curls to cool completely. Then lift up individual curls and spray them with volumising spray as you allow them to fall back over your shoulders
  • Extra gloss spray gives this hair style the glamorous finishing touch

Tip for Extra Glamorous Curls all through the Night

On your way to a special event, put a mini spray can of volumising spray into your evening bag. It will come in handy for a quick hair style touch-up.

Izabel Goulart for Schwarzkopf

Since June 2011, you can see Izabel Goulart in testimonials for Schwarzkopf Gliss Cure. Since November, she is the star in a TV spot advertising Schwarzkopf hair care products and in particular the Daily Oil Elixir Gliss Cure.