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Flat Iron Basics: Which Looks Can You Style, and How Can You Protect Your Hair?

A flat iron is super practical, and almost everyone owns one. But: Which hairstyles can it achieve – and how can you create curls? We tell you – and explain how you can protect your hair when straightening, to avoid damage

A flat iron just straightens the hair – right? Actually, it can do a lot more than that! With the right flat iron you can quickly and easily style curls, beach waves or a sixties flip. Because this hot styling talent reaches relatively high temperatures (up to 480°F), you should protect hair so as to minimize damage. Remember: Never straighten wet hair, and always apply a heat protection product before you straighten.
What possibilities does a flat iron offer, and which hair structures can it work on? Read on to learn everything you need to know about your flat iron!

Create curls with your flat iron

While a curling iron can only curl, the flat iron can both straighten and create dream curls! To style soft waves or curls, your flat iron needs to be slim and rounded. First, apply a heat protection spray to dry hair. Clamp a section of hair with your flat iron at the point the curls should begin. Wrap this section once around the flat iron. Slowly pull the flat iron down to the ends. For soft waves, brush out the curls or comb them lightly with your fingers. Tip: Fix with hair spray for more hold.

Create smooth, glossy hair with a flat iron

For the perfect sleek look, first apply heat protection, then straighten hair from the roots to the tips. Tip: To avoid damaging hair, only pull each section through the flat iron once. If you have extra thick or unruly hair, you can pull the hair through your iron a little more slowly.

Using a flat iron will automatically impart an awesome shine to your hair. The reason: The hair surface is smoothed out and reflects light. Tip: For an extra dose of care and even more shine, rub some hair oil between your palms and gently smooth over the straightened hair. This will slick down any flyaways, ensuring maximum glamor.

Flat iron your way to success with these styles

You can achieve both smooth and curly looks with a flat iron. A sleek ponytail, for example, is easy and elegant. Simply straighten hair, create a ponytail and spray with shine spray. Tip: Smooth out any little baby hairs at your hairline with a little hair oil.

The trendy wet look is also quick and easy to achieve with a flat iron. Read all about it here. A classically elegant look that can’t fail is loose, straight styled hair. Simply create a center part, then straighten section by section. To add a stylish sixties flip to your ends, straighten hair all the way down to last two inches, and then roll the flat iron up and outwards at the tips.

For soft beach waves, curl hair as described above. Brush it out, define individual sections with salt spray or knead some wax into the hair.

Which flat iron is best for me?

If you have full, thick hair, a wide flat iron with a higher temperature setting is best. With a very wide iron you can conjure up soft waves in long hair, and smooth out the frizziest mane.

Narrow, small flat irons are well suited for women with short or mid-length hair. With these, even a short haircut such as a stylish pixie can be straightened. Use this iron to curl and you can create volume in fine hair. Keep the temperature as low as possible so that the hair structure is not damaged.

Hot tips for straightening hair

Always take a few days break between straightened hairstyles to minimize damage. A ceramic-coated flat iron distributes the heat evenly and prevents the hair from becoming statically charged. Helpful hints when choosing a flat iron: Look for a device with an automatic shutoff feature, which will switch off the iron if you forget. When in a hurry – especially on a busy morning – this can happen to anyone.