Woman having a bad hair day
Hair Styling | Tips and tricks

First Aid for Bad Hair Days

There are days when not a single hair falls into place. Don a hat all day? You can, but you don’t have to! Here are the best styling tips and tricks to save every bad hair day 

Went to bed with wet hair last night? You can wake up looking just fine – or, it can end in a bad hair day. This and other scenarios can lead to hair that refuses to behave. We’ve all been there, right?! Here are some tips and tricks to turn a bad hair day into a good hair day after all.

  1. This is a now-classic solution, but we can’t say it often enough: if you wake up with oily hair, but don’t have time to wash it, you can save the day with dry shampoo. Simply spray generously onto hair roots, massage in with fingertips and brush out. Bonus side effect: dry shampoo creates volume – so it’s also your savior on days when hair is simply a bit flat.

  2. Frizz alarm? No problem. This trick works anytime, anywhere in seconds: spray hair spray on a brush and brush over the hair surface. Voila, you're back in control. The only drawback: this trick only works on straight hair.

  3. You have natural curls that won’t fall into line? Curling spray can help – this works best if you tip your head upside down before spraying into your hair. Alternatively, work through a curling balm from the tips up to the roots.

  4. Only going to the hairdresser will truly fix dry hair ends. But for a short-term fix and for extra care in between appointments, a hair oil or a nourishing fluid to treat the tips can help.

  5. Also perfect for every bad hair day: a half bun, or “hun” for short. A hun gathers only the upper hair into a bun: perfect for concealing longer bangs that are not freshly washed. Alternatively, bangs can also be styled to the side with bobby pins. The result? A stylish everyday look.