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10 Tips: Finding the Perfect Hairdresser

Finding the right hairdresser is not all that simple. After all, everything has to be just right when you trust someone with your heart and hair. This is where our checklist can help: Learn how to find the right hair salon and your future hairdresser you can trust. Make sure your search has a happy ending!

You have tried various hairdressers but you are never truly satisfied? Don't give up, they really do exist: perfect hairdressers who suit you, truly listen and make your wishes come true. All you need is the right strategy to find them. Our checklist can help:

1. Wishes & Ideas

Before you start your search, think about your wishes and what you value when going to a hairdresser. Is a detailed consultation important to you? Do you value spontaneous appointments? Or is your choice depending on a certain price? Establishing concrete criteria makes your search much easier.  

2. Word of Mouth

Ask your acquaintances for recommendations. Ideally, talk to a friend or colleague with a look you really like. If she, in turn, had bad experiences, she is guaranteed to protect you from that fate.

3. The Online Check

Take a look at the salon's website. Here you can usually learn all about the business concept and services even before your first visit. You can also learn about the experiences of other customers on Facebook or other social networks. Shared hairstyle photos there are good for your orientation as well.

4. Price Check

In some salons, you pay extra for certain services (such as blow drying). You should take a close look at the price list ahead of time, saving aggravation or the need to forgo services. This also ensures you take advantage of any discounts or package deals that may be offered.

5. Drop by!

It is best to make the first appointment in person. That gives you an opportunity to take a look at the salon. Is the atmosphere pleasant? Is the place appealing and clean? Wonderful, now you are hot on the trail of your new favourite hairdresser. 

6. Appointment Setting

If you are asked about the hairdresser of your choice when you make an appointment, that is a good sign. It shows that the salon cares about regular customers. It also gives you an opportunity to ask about professionals for special treatments. Then you are guaranteed to always have the right partner by your side for your colouration, cut, updo and more.

7. Manpower

When you drop in, pay attention to the employees: Are you on the same wavelength as the staff, do you find them friendly? This gives you a good indication whether you will feel comfortable in the salon. Taking a look at the hairstyles of the staff is also worth your while. Team members often cut each other's hair – creating perfect work samples for you!

8. Let's Talk

For an initial assessment, you can ask for a consultation – without cutting and styling. A good hairdresser makes time for you, examines the scalp and hair structure, asks about problems and your hair care routine. Not only does this give you a chance to get to know each other, you may also obtain helpful tips and product recommendations.

9. Plain Language, please

When something goes wrong or you are not satisfied, it is not always the hairdresser's fault. Sometimes we just get the wrong idea or insist on a cut that fails to suit us or to match our hair structure. So: do not hesitate to pester your hairdresser with questions. Here is an example: rather than just asking whether a fringe would look good on you, question what fringe (frayed, long and so on) will suit you. Then you can jointly explore what works best for you. Or take a photo along to show your hairdresser what you have in mind. Then the perfect hairdresser not only has a view of your head and hair in the consultation that follows, but also your overall look. After all, the new hairdo has to match your style and the new hair colour must go with your skin type.

10. Outstanding!

Professional craftsmanship is everything. Many hairdressers participate in seminars, continuing education and even competitions for further development and to stay up to date. So if you see awards or certificates in the hair salon, you know you are in a good place.