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Tutorial: Cobie Smulders’ Hairstyle

Cobie Smulders shed a few tears when her role in 'How I Met Your Mother' ended. After turning into Robin Scherbatsky Jr. for many episodes, the actress now adds new accomplishments to her career. In time for the opening of her movie 'Caption America 2' she had recovered her dazzling smile. We were intrigued by her hairstyle as well. Learn how you can style this endearing undone updo in a few steps

Let us summarise Cobie Smulders’ role in 'How I Met Your Mother' in a few keywords for the few TV viewers who did not watch the series: In the end, Canadian pop star, TV journalist and womaniser Barney Stinson (voluntarily) pops the question and he and Robin end up saying their wedding vows. Cobie Smulders made her mark in the role of Robin Scherbatsky. However, all good things must come to an end. After nine years, the writers created the exciting final episode of one of the most successful TV series. We hope our summary did not spoil the fun for viewers of foreign language versions who are still awaiting the finale. We are not going to reveal Mother’s secret but will say this: Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie) is not quite so innocent after all.

A few parallels exist between the life of Jacoba Francisca Maria 'Cobie' Smulders and the role she plays in the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother'. The Canadian actress who started out as photo model masters the art of appealing to the opposite sex with style and grace both before the camera and in her private life.

Fresh, Simple, and Endearing: The Side-swept Updo with Twirled Hair Element

Cobie Smulders likes this undone, twirled, and side-swept updo

With the sadness about leaving the familiar set of 'How I Met Your Mother' in the past, Cobie Smulders showed a happy smile at the opening of her film 'Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avenger'. Her hairstyle brought a breath of fresh air to the red carpet event. The trendy hairstyle appeared almost unfinished, which is one step beyond undone. For the sake of adding eye-catching contrast, one side is carefully styled back and ends in a twirled structure along the neckline.

Tools Required to Style Cobie Smulders’ Updo

Required are volume powder for manageability and bounce, bobby pins to secure the updo and hair wax and hairspray for a glamorous finish. A tail comb and a little flair will finish the job.

Step by Step Instructions for the Creation of Cobie Smulders’ Hairstyle

1. Bend forward to hang your head upside down. Add a small amount of volumising powder to the hair ends and distribute some more powder through the hair near the roots. Then work the powder through you entire hair. Now your hair has the proper manageability for the desired undone flair.

2. Use your fingers to shape your hair. Then use the tail comb to create a side parting. (Cobie Smulders wears her parting on the right side.)

3. Allow an about 2 inch wide strand of hair to hang down on the side of your head without the parting. Sweep the remaining hair toward the side of your head with the parting as if you wanted to create a ponytail close to your ear. Tightly finger-brush your hair back on the side with the parting.

Start rolling the hair outward from the side opposite the parting along the neckline while maintaining some tension. (This styling step is reminiscent of creating a banana updo.)While you roll up your hair along the neckline, secure it with bobby pins and give it an appealing structure.

Continue rolling your hair outward until you reach the end of the side where you created the parting. End the roll by allowing the hair ends to hang down and secure the end of the twist using a hidden bobby pin. Do not worry if the structure looks a little tousled. This and a few forgotten strands of hair only add to the undone style.

4. To keep up the volume on the crown of your head gently pull up the hair above the created asymmetric hair roll. Be careful not to pull too hard.

5. Use hair wax to accentuate the ends of the open hanging hair on the opposite side of the parting. Finally, use hairspray for the required hold.

If you cannot wait to give the trendy undone look a try you may be interested in the video of Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach who shows how to create this look.

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