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Blog Trends: New Twisted, Curled and Braided Hair Styles

At first, the fashion bloggers donned brave school girl braids. The more sophisticated herringbone braids followed. Now the newest blog trends are braided hair strands and rolled up braids

Blogger Jasmin from the Tea & Twigs website is certainly not short on new hair style ideas. She regularly presents the different braided, twisted and wavy hair styles not only in her outfit posts but also on YouTube in her 'Jasminar' hair styling tutorials.


In her newest fashion braid idea, Jasmin has integrated a sideways braid into her hair style

Her Jasminar tells all about creating braided chignons and looped braids and explains how to create soft waves in your hair. Jasmin has one big advantage. Her long reddish blonde Rapunzel hair readily conforms to any fashion.

The sideways braid is curled into a new kind of chignon. Jasmin is going to feature her newest braid creation in her YouTube video tutorial. Her other braid creation, the twisted braid updo, may also start a trend. In the spring/summer 2011 fashion shows by Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, the models already featured the twisted updo braids. Who else but the hair artist Jasmin can show you how to best create this style: Thank you Jasmin, your readers appreciate it! Unfortunately, it's all in German but you should get the idea anyway.

Video: Tutorial Twisted Braid Updo


Curled up hairdos made their entrance early on in the spring/summer 2011 fashion show by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton


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