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Hair Care: Beauty Sleep

Are you yearning for silky hair with a healthy gloss? Now you can easily make this dream come true – at night while you are between the sheets. Presenting the best tips & tricks to pamper your hair while you sleep: from hairdos for sleeping to the right pillowcase

The most important item in our cosmetics bag of tricks? Beauty sleep of course! We have long known that restful sleep not only keeps us healthy, both physically and mentally, but also makes us beautiful! Our body regenerates itself and cell renewal starts when we sleep (ideally for seven to nine hours). The result: a fresh, rosy complexion the next morning – with no fine lines or dark circles under your eyes. Just like the skin, the hair also reaps the benefits of sleep. When our body is fit and well rested, the mane can grow readily and exhibits a healthy gloss.

But wait, there's more! To really pamper your hair, you can provide it with added care overnight. Time for bed! Here are more well-rested tricks for a mane of dreamlike beauty:

The Right Hairdo

Styling you hair again before going to bed? Definitely! There are various reasons why it makes sense to tie up your mane overnight. Worn open, hair can chafe excessively on the pillow, leading to split ends and broken hairs. Another point in favour of overnight hair control: the mane is less tangled the next morning and much easier to brush.

You may want to tie your hair into a high, loose chignon so you can lie down in comfort. To avoid unattractive kinks in your hair, using a soft hair band made of silk or satin is best. Long hair can also be braided. The great thing about this hairstyle: if you slightly moisten your hair first with some water or mousse, it gets wonderfully wavy overnight. This is a great trick for late risers to save time in the morning but sport a great style anyway!

The full Pampering Program

Night hours are ideal for an extended exposure time that allows hair masks and treatments to do their work. Some of these hair care wonders nourish and repair after just one minute. But they can unfold their full care power overnight! Most of these rich products contain plant oils (such as argan or jojoba oil), key proteins or even strengthening hair components.

Simply massage the deep care product into damp hair before going to bed and wrap your mane in a fluffy microfibre towel. Slightly blow dry the whole thing before heading to bed – heat further intensifies the pampering effect. Rinse out the mask or treatment after you wake up and enjoy the reward of a gorgeous mane. 

The Perfect Sleeping Cap (for your Pillow)

The saying 'As you make your bed, so you must lie in it' is also true for our hair. By choosing the right pillow, you can make nights even more pleasant and gentle for you hair. A silk pillowcase is best. Why? The supple surface significantly reduces abrasion compared to cotton.