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Ouch! Hair styling sins to avoid

Those who love their hair care for it and style it properly – and avoid styling sins at all costs. No one would intentionally damage their crowning glory! To help keep you on track, we’ve compiled all the don’ts for you at a glance

We care for our hair with masks, pamper the tips with nourishing oil, regularly freshen up the color – and occasionally commit some styling sins (unwillingly, of course). No-one would harm their mane on purpose! So how can you avoid this? Here, we present the five most common kinds of damage caused by styling, so that in future, you can care for and style your hair without sin.

Styling Sin No. 1: Brushing wet hair

After washing, hair is often tangled. So why not brush out the tangles? Because wet hair is very sensitive and susceptible to breakage. Instead: Carefully untangle hair with a comb or a special, gentle brush (such as a Tangle Teezer or boar bristle brush). Tip: Brush your hair before washing, then it’ll be more manageable afterward.

Because wet hair is so sensitive, avoid vigorously rubbing it dry with a towel – instead, carefully blot out moisture.

Styling Sin No. 2: Using too many products

This rule applies to both haircare and styling products. Hair masks, for example, are generally good for hair – but they should be used no more than once or twice a week. Otherwise they can weigh the hair down and make it look dull. Nourishing oils should also be used sparingly. Tip: Apply just a few drops to the palms of your hands and spread oil only through the tips. Avoid roots, otherwise the hair will quickly look greasy. Also, use only shampoos and conditioners that match your hair type. When in doubt, simply ask your hairdresser.

For styling products, the following is true: Better too little than too much. Hairspray and gel are perfect to hold a style in place, however: Too much can make hair look like concrete – a decidedly unstylish finish.

Styling Sin No. 3: Tying hair too tightly

Buns and ponytails are two of our most beloved hairstyles. But: Don’t tie the hair too tightly. This will put the hairline under tension, which in turn exerts pressure on – and potentially damages – the roots. Always use your fingertips to loosen hair slightly at the roots after tying it up.

Styling Sin No. 4: Using hair ties with metal joints

If you wear your hair up, it is best to use a relatively thick hair tie made of one single material. Metal joints can quickly turn hair ties into “hair tearers”. When such hair ties are removed from hair, the metal can snag on and break individual strands. Tip: Also avoid Styling Sin No. 3 to prevent further breakage!

Styling Sin No. 5: Using old styling tools

Modern styling tools not only employ the latest technology, they are also more gentle on the hair. The surface of a flat iron, for example, should be made of ceramic, which will glide gently over the hair.

It is also important to regularly clean the tools you use for daily styling. Product residue can otherwise weigh your hair down. This also applies to your hairbrush. Tip: Wash your hairbrush every two to three weeks with a mild shampoo, and remove any loose strands of hair after each use. Your mane will thank you.

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