Woman with ghost layers and sunglasses
Hair Styling | Thin hair

Thin Hair? Try the New Hair Trend: Ghost Layers!

Looking for a cut that gives your thin hair more volume? Then ghost layers might be for you! This technique adds layers without compromising on volume or length

The rule: For more volume and movement in your hair, get a layered cut. Yep! But this is only true for hair that has some volume in the first place. Truly thin hair can look even thinner with layers. But here’s a new trend haircut – with an evocative name – that just might help: Ghost layers. This cutting technique was created by a Beverly Hills hairstylist and is being lauded on Instagram and all over. Ghost layers work with all different lengths of hair. We reveal the ghost layers trend – it’s not scary, we promise!

Why ghost layers are perfect for thin hair

The special feature of ghost layers: The top layer of hair barely loses any length, and layers are basically hidden. In detail: The bottom layers of hair are gently layered. The top layer of hair, however, is cut only at the ends. When it all comes together, the hair looks fuller and more voluminous. The reason: The layers hidden below the top layer create more movement. For this cut to work, the hair should be at least shoulder length.

Even more volume for thin hair

In addition to the right cut, there are other tips and tricks to help boost volume in thin hair. When washing, it is important not to use products that unnecessarily weigh hair down. Use a care series that’s designed for fine hair. Tip: Flip the order in which you shampoo and conditioner. That’s right: It’s called reverse washing! You condition first, then you shampoo. This means hair stays beautifully fluffy. Work through a texturizing mousse before blow drying. A round brush will deliver even more volume while drying, especially at the roots.
Hair getting flatter throughout the day? Dry shampoo is the solution. Simply spray on a small amount, massage through, and brush away any remnants if necessary. Your hair will be fresher – and fuller.

Incidentally, the right hair color can give you fuller-looking hair, too: Ideal are a variety of highlights that bring movement into your hair. With dyeing techniques like balayage or palm painting you’ll get a natural, trendy finish. The best thing: You won’t have to retouch your color as often, because these techniques leave your hair looking naturally sun kissed, rather than all-over dyed. It doesn’t get any easier going than this!