Smiling young woman with long, dark blond hair hanging straight behind her shoulders.
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Pump Up the Volume! How To Give Fine Hair a Boost

Fine hair often looks flat and lifeless – no wonder, when it can measure as little as one fifth of the diameter of normal hair. But we can cheat nature and help it out a little. Here are our best volume-boosting tips

Hairstyles for fine hair: the right cut for more volume

Woman in a white top with a dark blond bob hair cut stands in front of a flowering bush, with her arms raised and her hands resting relaxed on top of her head.

Shorter haircuts like this bob add volume to fine hair.

It all starts with the right cut. For fine hair, a blunt cut is ideal. Here, the ends of the hair are cut straight and – you guessed it – blunt. It’s all one length, which lends the illusion of more bulk. Keep on getting it trimmed regularly so split ends don’t stand a chance, and your hair will stay looking healthy, well groomed and full.


Generally, short to mid-length hairstyles are best for women with fine hair. The reason is simple: Shorter hair is lighter. Without that extra weight, the natural bounce of the hair is enough to give it lift and volume. Don’t want to give up your long locks? Choose a layered cut. It’s lightweight and will add structure and movement to your hair.

The quick volume trick: Wear a side parting and change the side each day. Instant volume from the parting line will mean your hair is less inclined to flatten out.

Hairstyles for fine hair: color adds volume

Back view of a brunette woman with long, blond-highlighted hair blowing in the breeze

Highlights lend the hair more depth and volume.

Another great volume trick: Highlights! The optical illusion of fullness comes from different nuances and depths of color. In addition, hair dye will physically make your strands swell, making your mane appear fuller overall. Adding volume can be that easy!


However, you should avoid frequent bleaching, which can make your hair more susceptible to damage and split ends. The right care is crucial: Conditioner, leave-in cures and masks are a must. 

Hairstyles for fine hair: styling products for a volume boost

Woman wearing casual sunglasses and a leather jacket with long, light brown, blond-accented hair styled in waves.

Dreaming of full, luscious hair? Make your dreams come true with the right cut and styling!

When it comes to care and styling, use products based on special volumizing formulas. Their ingredients fortify the hair and provide lift at the roots. This immediately creates more fullness, leaving the hair looking more voluminous. Retain – and gain – volume by working in a volumizing mousse after your washing routine. This gives the hair support and shape.

This is key: Wash shampoo and styling product residue completely out of your hair, so as to avoid weighing it down. For the same reason, work conditioner only into the mid-lengths and ends after shampooing. Avoid the roots – as a guide, apply conditioners and other care products from ear level to ends only. 

Hairstyles for fine hair: the tools for volume

Even the right brush can help your hair look fuller. Used when blow-drying, a fine vented brush can help boost volume directly at the roots. A teasing comb allows you to tease up specific areas for stand-up volume. Flat irons, curling irons and rollers are ideal styling tools for fine hair. Create waves with these to provide movement and add structure.