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Hair Filler: The Secret for Thicker Hair

A dream comes true: thicker, fuller hair again at last! If you are worried about sparse-looking hair or even hair loss, hair fillers come to the rescue. What is behind them? We tell you all about it and reveal various ways to restore your hair to its full glory

Age, hormones and nutrition – there are many causes of hair loss. The results are one and the same: you feel bad and unhappy. No need for that. Keep reading if you wish you had full, healthy hair again: these three hair filler methods restore the lusciousness of your mane.

Revitalising Care

The hair texture can become lifeless with age for hormonal reasons, making your hair appear visibly thinner. Care products with a hyaluron complex can help regenerate your hair, building it up from the inside. Strengthened this way, it appears fuller again overall and looks beautifully supple.

Thoroughly Powdered

When hair gets increasingly thinner, a quick everyday solution can help: special powder products with microscopically small hair fibres. They can be applied directly to the affected areas in your hair. The fine particles cling to your natural hair, visually making your mane appear fuller. Secure the fake hairdo with hair spray or lacquer for a firm hold. Unfortunately the powder will not work on completely bald patches. At least a bit of fuzz is required so the filler hairs have something they can adhere to. Naturally they are available in various colour nuances to best match your natural hair. To remove, just brush or wash your hair with shampoo.

Hair Bliss

The longer-lasting option for thinning hair: professional hair filler applied by a hairdresser. Similar to hair extensions, synthetic or natural strands are permanently attached in the natural hair. The difference compared to extensions is that many finer hair elements (with fewer individual hairs) are used as hair filler. These are then shortened to match the respective hair length. The added strands last up to eight months depending on the method. You can wash and style your hair as usual. Tape extensions are an even gentler method. These are strands of genuine hair attached to the head with adhesive tape. While this filler needs to be replaced every six weeks, tape extensions are suitable even for very fine hair since the adhesive tape connection is extremely thin.

An entirely new method from England: especially fine extensions applied with keratin adhesive about one centimetre away from the scalp. This hair filler is replaced after about four months. A gentle hair filler that is virtually invisible!