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Goodbye, thin hair: best tips and products for voluminous dream hair

Every women dreams of having naturally full hair with lots of volume but not all of us are so lucky. We reveal how to make thin hair seem thicker. Because it's not a matter of luck – just the right cut and hair color

Of course, there are women who wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say hello to gorgeous hair with lots of natural volume. But there are also many of us who begin the day with hair that doesn't have much volume at all or even lies thin and flat on our heads.
In fact, while the eye perceives a huge difference between thick and fine hair, it's actually just a matter of a few tenths of a millimeter! Europeans consider hair with a diameter of 0.04 to 0.06 mm as thin and hair with a diameter between 0.08 and 0.1 mm as thick. We can't change the diameter of our individual hairs – but the following tips and products can definitely make fine hair appear thicker.

How to wash fine hair

The key to achieving more volume starts with how you wash your hair. Volume shampoos are specially designed for this: they contain special ingredients that give the hair more hold and prevent it from lying flat. Tip: wash your hair twice with the shampoo to get rid of any residue from styling products that tend to weigh fine hair down.

How to style fine hair

One way, of course, is with our old friend hair mousse, which gives fine hair more volume and stops it from lying flat. Tip: to distribute the mousse evenly through the hair, work the mousse in using a comb. Now blowdry your hair, bending forward with your head hanging down. When it's almost dry, but not completely, use the round brush. If you find this difficult, make your life easier with curling tongs or a rotating hot air brush.
To add an instant burst of volume during the day, brush your hair upside down and then throw it backwards (gently). Dry shampoo can also be useful to plump it up at the roots: the powdery consistency gives the hair a rougher texture.

Hair color and cut for fine hair

Color gives fine hair a rougher surface and makes it appear thicker. This is because during the coloring process the cuticle layer is opened, automatically making the hair seem to have more volume. Tip: fine hair with highlights seems even more voluminous.
Now to the cut. If you have fine hair, don't let it get too long or it will hang heavy and seem flatter. A shoulder-length, lightly layered cut is perfect. The layers mustn't be too obvious and each must subtly fall into the next. Ideally, ask your hairdresser which cut would work best to suit your hair and the shape of your face.

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