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First Aid for Fine Hair

Are you yearning for a full, powerful mane? Cheer up! You can make a grand impression even with fine hair. Cut, care or styling – with our tricks you will soon master every finesse for more power in the hair. For instance, we reveal how to strengthen thin hair or visually cheat with volume while styling

Fine hair may not look like much, but the number of hairs is actually often far greater. Only because all of them have a small girth does the hair appear less copious and voluminous overall. Normally the diameter of a hair is 0.05 to 0.07 millimetres, while fine hair measures no more than 0.04 millimetres. That makes all the difference in bulk. By the way, the thickness of our hair is predetermined at birth and quasi decided by mother nature. While we have to live with the basic structure, we can get the best out of what looks like little with the right tips and tricks.

Strong! Do you know all the strengths of fine hair?

Fine hair...

...dries faster naturally more supple easier to care for than you may think light and therefore comfortable to wear ideal for short haircuts (no 'helmet effect')

...does not require extra taming before styling (for instance for braided hairdos)

Sounds good, right? And pushing the look a bit more when you feel like it at times is not all that difficult either. Here are our impressive tricks for hair reinforcement:

First Aid for Fine Hair: The Cut

Currently a leading trend, the blunt cut is made for delicate hair textures. The hair is cut straight and blunt to one length. This makes the finely tapering ends appear thicker and the hair looks fuller overall. Go for the happy medium when it comes to length. A mid-length cut is not only super hip but also adds extra buoyancy to your hair, since it does not 'sag' as quickly thanks to its low weight.
You can also have what are known as supportive layers for added volume. Individual sections lying under the top hair are shortened with a special cutting technique. Then these short hairs support your mane, making it appear more voluminous overall.
And while you are at the hairdresser, why not try a new hair colour? Special colouring techniques can be applied to visually conjure up added fullness. With the balayage method for instance, light and dark colour accents are brushed freehand onto the hair. Selectively applying these contrasts simulates added depth, making the hair appear fuller.
But if you want to immerse your hair in a whole new hue, dyeing is the smartest choice. Since the added pigments are deposited on the outside of the hair fibres, your hair actually gains thickness from the colour sheath. 

First Aid for Fine Hair: Care

More is better? Wrong: Thinner hair does not need more but only the right care to strengthen it. Sensitivity is the name of the game: To keep the hair light rather than limp and drooping, choose cleaning and care products that dissolve readily in water and are therefore easy to wash out. Special care product series are also available that are perfectly tailored to fine hair, since they strengthen as well as adding volume. The polymers they contain for example surround every individual hair, and are therefore able to artificially thicken it. Shampoos with collagen complexes are a good choice as well. They pad your mane at the hairline for added fullness.

First Aid for Fine Hair: Styling

Make mousse your best styling friend. This soft hair styling helper achieves outstanding results without weighing you down. It makes the hair fuller with added grip and more volume. The styling lasts longer as well. Knead some mousse into towel dried hair and then blow dry it with a round brush. For even faster results, tease the hair at the crown (combing against the direction of growth) for added volume – excellent support for an updo or ponytail. Or simply apply volumising powder at the hairline to see the push-up effect right away!
Use your blow dryer as an everyday volume booster too: Instead of blow drying upside down, tilting your head to the side and blowing warm air towards the hairline is better. That adds fullness which also lasts longer.
Vary the parting position every now and then to give your hair some variety. This straightens up the hair roots, which tend to lie flat after some time, so nothing stands in the way of a strong appearance!