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Can you make thinning hair thicker?

Is your hair thinning? Bad genes are not necessarily to blame. Even some styling habits can make hair thinner. We investigate the reasons for thinning hair and reveal how you can restore volume

Woman with thin wavy hair

Thin hair? Light waves add volume.

Is your hair getting thinner lately? Wondering if it’s normal? Some hair loss is in fact normal: On average, we lose between 50 and 100 strands a day. But if you’re left holding handfuls after brushing, it’s time to investigate. Sometimes illness is to blame, but usually it’s worth taking a good look at your hairstyling and care routine. Here, you can find out which habits can cause hair loss and how you can make your thinning hair look thicker once again.

Possible causes of hair loss

  1. You style your hair too hot
    Too-hot styling can damage your roots. Tip: When blow drying, make sure you keep your hair dryer at a reasonable distance from your scalp. Most hair dryers also have a cool button. Give your hair and scalp a cool blast now and then during blow drying. This will help prevent things from getting too hot and will protect your hair. Also, it’s best to use flat irons and curling irons only in moderation. For maximum protection, it’s essential that you apply heat protection before heat-styling hair.

  2. You tie your ponytail too tight
    Too-tight ponytails put a strain on the scalp and roots. Tip: Give your hair a break between ponytail or bun days by leaving it loose sometimes. And: A messy finish ponytail is currently much more on trend than the sleek look. Achieve the look by slightly loosening hair at the roots with your fingers after styling.

  3. You use too many styling products
    An excess of styling or care products won’t lead to hair loss, but it can make fine hair look thinner. Hair can look weighed down and stringy instead of voluminous. Tip: Use products that suit your hair type. When using styling products, follow the golden rule: A hazelnut-sized portion is enough. And only use a little hair spray to set your hair, in order to avoid a rock-hard finish.

  4. You use deep-cleansing shampoos too often
    We’ve got nothing against deep-cleansing shampoos. They’re great for getting rid of styling product residue and oil. But use them too often and you could throw your scalp out of balance, making the hair dry – which could lead to hair loss.

Regain volume with the right care

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you can use specific care products to stimulate the scalp and hair growth. Scalp massages can also help to resuscitate tired roots. What else can you do to make your hair look fuller? Try these tricks:


  1. Rinse with cold water
    …following your washing routine. Ensure you’ve rinsed away all shampoo and conditioner residue so that your hair isn’t unnecessarily weighed down. A cold rinse will also stimulate scalp circulation, encouraging healthy hair growth.

  2. Use dry shampoo
    Dry shampoo is our go-to when our hair isn’t as fresh as we’d like, but we can’t or don’t want to wash it. It can also add a volume boost. Spray directly onto roots and work it through. If necessary, brush away any residue.

  3. Blow dry using a round brush
    All hairdressers know this volume-boosting trick. With a little practice, you can do it yourself at home. Tip: Make it even easier by using a rotating round brush.

  4. Use a volumizing mousse
    Volume-boosting styling products – like volume mousse – are a fine-haired girl’s best friend. After washing, work a hazelnut-sized portion through hair. Blow dry with a round brush or by using a diffuser attachment.

  5. Color your hair
    Coloring can make weak, thin hair appear fuller. If you’re suffering from serious hair loss, talk with your hairdresser before coloring to ensure it’s the right option for you. For those who want to color at home: Avoid washing your hair right before you color it. The scalp’s natural oils will protect the hair, meaning less damage. Tip: After coloring, use care products designed for colored hair.
Woman with bob and voluminous hair

A new haircut – such as a bob – can make thin hair look fuller.