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The Most Beautiful Summer Styles for Long Hair

Rooftop party, backyard barbecue, sunbathing by the sea, shopping in the city, or a romantic evening date: The summer offers so many beautiful moments. Here, we present the most beautiful hairstyles to suit – so you can ensure you’re always styled to perfection! Here are our top five summer hairstyles for long hair

1) Relaxed summer style for a barbecue

A relaxed barbecue with friends calls for a casual look. In the garden or on the roof terrace, you’re casual, in flat shoes and enjoying a relaxed vibe, late into the night. The perfect style for it: Natural, relaxed and not too “done”. In fact, you can get away with looking a little “undone”. After all, you don’t need to impress or seduce here, just feel good! Half-up hair is a quick style that still looks great. It’s also incredibly versatile, because you can style the “up” part of your hair in different ways. Tip: Summer is high time for flowers, accessories and gentle waves. Use these to make your casual half-up hairstyle even more summery!

2) Sexy summer hairstyle for long party nights

From the rooftop terrace of a high rise, you have the best view of a city sunset. And when it gets dark, the twinkling lights of the city are breathtakingly beautiful. Appreciate this sparkling location with an equally radiant hairstyle. The slowly dropping evening temperatures lend themselves perfectly to undone, loose hair. A naturally styled evening look with lots of shine ensures the right dose of glamor. Curl your hair with large rollers, or just work the ends with a thick curling iron. To finish, spritz your hair with shine spray.
Tip: An elegant hair clip above one ear will keep your hair out of your face for the night. If you like to experiment with colors, try a temporary color or color spray to create anything from soft pastel shades to strong pops of color. A glossy wet look is sensual and strong – perfect for hot party nights above city rooftops.

3) The ideal summer hairstyle for the beach

The perfect hairstyle for the beach? The top knot. With a high bun on top of your head, you can lie as comfortably as possible on your back and your front while soaking up the sun. Also, your neck remains uncovered and cool. And if it gets too hot on top of your head, dip your top knot into the water and enjoy the cool, refreshing effect! Stylish addition: A hair tie with a fabric flower.
How to achieve the look: Hang your head upside down and gather your hair into a high ponytail. Secure with a hair tie. Twist this into a bun and fix with a second hair tie. Alternatively, you can also braid your ponytail and twist this up on itself. In the evening after sunbathing, care for your hair with a comprehensive pampering program, including deep conditioning.

4) Clean summer hairstyle for shopping

A shopping trip in midsummer? The Carrie Bradshaws among you can rejoice – because with the right hairstyle, stylish hair accessories and the right hair products, nothing is standing in the way of that hot summer shopping trip.
Need a little freshen up mid-shop? Try dry shampoo. A few sprays will sort out sweaty hairlines or limp bangs. Stylish hair accessories like a bandana or a headband make for a cool look and keep your hair out of your face. To stop frizz in its tracks, tie your hair up. Super easy and still stylish: A high ponytail. Spice it up with a silk scarf.
If you prefer to keep your hair a little more together, go for a low bun. A sleek version ensures not a hair out of place. To achieve this, comb hair back smoothly, twist the lengths up tightly, and secure with a hair tie at your nape. Tip: Try wrapping your bun with a stylish scarf, too. Braids can also keep your back and neck free. Find some great braiding ideas here.

5) Seductive summer hairstyle for a hot date

Leave your hair loose, and wrap HIM around your little finger with a seductive gaze. Got a romantic date lined up? You can count on flowers in your hair. Long hair that falls loosely over your shoulders is especially appealing to guys. For a particularly feminine, soft look, curl your hair in gentle waves. Here's how: Knead some mousse into the roots and lengths. For beautiful, big waves, divide the hair into several sections, and wrap them strand by strand around a curling iron. Then flip your head, loosen up the curls with your fingers and moisten with hair spray. Finish with a large flower over one ear: Secure a real flower with a hair clip, or use a clip adorned with a fabric flower.
You want to put your hair up? A low side chignon is a perfect choice. This stylish top knot not only looks super elegant, it also works perfectly with minimal, classic outfits like a little black dress or a jumpsuit. An updo will also beautifully emphasize your neck and shoulders.

Maintain long hair through the summer

In summer, hair is exposed to a triple threat: UV rays, chlorine and salt water. That's why proper care is even more important. If you love fashion and beauty products, no problem: Use some stylish headwear as sunscreen for your hair. The selection is huge: From a trendy straw hat, to a sporty cap or glamorous turban – take your pick. Special moisturizing care products prevent damage, and repair damage already done. Special care product lines provide optimum care. Go for all-round care: Shampoo, conditioner and mask. The latter can be used two to three times a week in summer, especially if you’re on vacation. The best: Intensive care doesn’t need to take much time, with some products only needing a minute or so to work.