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Summer Hairstyles: What Sunglasses for Which Style

Hello Sunshine! Dazzling prospects for the summer: The sunglass trends look promising! We reveal what shapes and colours draw attention, and which hairstyles look best with the new shades. So you are guaranteed to be in the know!

Clear as day: Sunglasses are the summer accessory! Not only for practical reasons of course – the shades of the year are real eye candy too: Multicoloured lenses and frames ensure colourful moments and a summer of love in 2015! If if the weather isn’t dazzling, grey clouds are never seen with these sunglasses. Another eye-catcher: Flamboyant shapes. From large and circular to the glamorous cat eye look to narrow and oval, there is something to suit any nose. Take a look at our gallery to find out what sunglasses you should definitely keep an eye out for. Stylish eye-wear alone is not good enough for a sensational overall look – perfection also requires a suitable hairstyle. Here you can see what summer hairstyle makes which sunglasses shine. Here comes the sun!

Summer hairstyles for perfect sunglass styling