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Heatwave: The perfect summer hairstyles for the Happy Hour

It is hot and you want to feel a cooling breeze around your neck? Our summer hairstyle trends are the perfect match for this. We show you how you can quickly and easily create airy hairstyles for the really cool city look.

Summer in the City: You love it when the sun is setting on the horizon and the building walls are still warm from the day. That is when you are standing on an elegant rooftop together with your friends and overlooking the whole city, holding a drink in your hand, and enjoying the beautiful summer evening in your city. We have created this collection of beautiful yet easy summer hairstyles for you so that you always look perfectly styled.

All-time favorite: Crown Braids

Back view of dark-haired woman with braided hair

This classic amongst all braided hairstyles is a real evergreen

Grandma always knew best. She has already sported this style back in the days and until today Crown Braids remain on trend. The playful look is pleasantly airy and really cool for the city.


So that the braided look does not look too strict at the next Happy Hour, go for the messy style with a few loose hairs hanging out in the front.


To round off your big city girl style, no matter if you are visiting a beer garden or a hip bar, you can wear a cute pleated skirt and white sneakers.

Quickly perfectly styled with a High Ponytail

Blonde woman with summer dress and ponytail

The summer hairstyle for long hair is easily done in a few minutes

Especially with long hair, it can become easily hot in the summer. That is why real city fashionistas rely on the High Ponytail. The tied up ponytail is extremely airy and uncomplicated.


If you would like it to have a bit more attitude, backcomb your hair a little bit on your head.


The Sleek Look also works well for the elegant happy hour and complements your little black dress. To ensure your hair tie does not slide out in the back, simply tie a hair streak around it and affix it with a bobby pin under the ponytail.

Elegant understatement: this is how you wear the Low Bun after work

An elegant alternative variant of the Messy Bun is the Low Bun - another trendy and easy summer hairstyle for long hair. This uncomplicated look works just as well with a business outfit at an after work event with colleagues, at an exclusive upscale bar, or when getting a casual after-work beer with friends. Our tip: tying the Low Bun loosely, so that it does not appear too conservative.

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The Low Bun works perfectly with both a playful and elegant dress