Back view of a woman with long knotted ponytail
Hair Styling | Summer

Summer Hair Styles 2011: The Knotted Ponytail

The Style:

This adds an accent to wavy hair. Michael Kors presented this casually knotted ponytail at his Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show. This is the perfect hair style for people on the go. The hair style works best with slightly wavy hair but can also be accomplished with straight hair. Simply tease the hair just below the two knots to keep the loops from slipping.

You need:

styling mousse, a blow-dryer with diffuser attachment, a teasing comb, a scrunchy and hair pins

How to Create the Style:

  • Evenly work the styling mousse through your entire hair
  • Use a blow-dryer with diffuser attachment to dry your hair with your head hanging upside down. This creates volume and soft waves
  • Create a short side-parting and isolate a few strands of your front hair
  • Then gather your hair in the nape of your neck in two thick strands of hair. Create a double knot out of these two hair strands. Important: Tease the hair just below the double knot if your hair is straight
  • Secure the double knot with hair pins. You have separated out a few strands of hair around your face (see point 3). Allow these strands to frame your face