Blogger Janina Pfau with blond-highlighted, brunette beach waves blowing gently in the breeze
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How to Get Perfect Beach Waves

Dreaming of summer, sun and beach vibes? That dream can come true… on top of your head! Beach waves are the trend look of the moment – in any season. But how do you achieve those most-wanted waves in your hair? Easily, with our step-by-step instructions. Let’s roll!

Instructions: Step by step to perfect beach waves

Step 1: First, create a center parting in freshly washed, towel-dried hair, and work through a little mousse to provide more hold.


Step 2: Start drying on one side, working your way from back to front, blow drying around large round brush.


Step 3: Apply heat protection to the hair and let it dry while your curling iron heats up. Then, take a wide section of hair, hold your curling iron about four inches from your roots, and wrap the section of hair around it. Curl all of your hair in this way, and allow it to cool well.


Step 4: Now it’s time to re-work your already wavy strands. Twist the individual sections and wrap these around the curling iron again, this time curling closer to your roots.


Step 5: Gently run your fingers through these twisted curls to loosen them up.


Step 6: Spritz a special beach waves defining spray on your casual curls and gently knead your hair once more. Finish with a light styling spray – your perfect beach waves are ready!


Tip: Beach waves are allowed to look a little less than perfect – just as they would if you’d let your hair air dry in the sea breeze. For more volume, simply work some volume powder through your waves.