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Beach Waves Are the Top Summer Hairstyle

Beach waves look sexy, they are simple to style, and everybody with at least shoulder-length hair can wear them. Step by step, we show you how to style beach waves without ever getting wet

Beach waves look simple, natural, and relaxed. Originally, beach waves formed after a swim, while sun-bathing with wet hair at the strand. Now and then, sandy fingers with sun screen on them would be run through the hair giving it some extra structure and additional shine. Sometimes, a breeze helped with styling as well.

Styled beach waves borrow their looks from this natural style but you never have to dive into the ocean and your hair is freshly shampooed. Without the salt water and with clean hair you probably feel better and still look like you had just come from a nice stroll at the beach.

Beach waves are perfect when they are not perfect. That is their special appeal. Styling efforts must be kept to an absolute minimum. Tousled waves are better than orderly ones. Simply allow your hair to fall in natural waves as if you were still at the beach.

How to Style Beach Waves

1. Work volumising mousse through the towel-dry hair.

2. Part your hair in the middle and blow-dry it. Don’t use a brush but run your fingers through your hair instead. If you have the time, allow your hair to air-dry.

3. Distribute heat protectant through your hair before you partition it on three levels around the head, one from the top to the level of the temples. Then partition the hair again in ear height. Temporarily hold the hair partitions using a scrunchy or hair slides.

Start styling the lowest part of your hair. Use an about ¾-inch thick curling iron to create casual curls. Keep the curling iron in vertical position while winding strands of hair around it away from your face. Don’t clamp the rolled up hair using the curling iron cover but simply hold the ends of your hair with your fingers.

Allow the strand to stay on the curling iron for about five seconds before taking the curling iron out. Pull at the end of the curl to give it a wavy shape.

While you work on one strand of hair, you may like to keep the rest of the hair out of the way using hair slides.

4. Once you are done with the lower part of the hair, curl the middle part in the same fashion but curl the strands toward your face.

5. Finally, curl the top part of your hair away from your face.

6. After you have created the curls run your fingers through your hair while shaking your hair at the same time for a tousled look. You may like to improve on some of the waves but don’t even think of perfection.

7. Use some volumising powder underneath the root portion of the middle partition of your hair for more bounce.

8. Rub some hair wax between your fingers before using them to accentuate individual hair ends.

9. Use hairspray to keep your beach waves fresh longer.

Video: Magically Beach Waves

There is no need to rush out and buy expensive styling tools if you want to style beach waves. Armin Morbach shows you how to style magnificent beach waves with the simplest of tools, which you find at home.

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