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Video Blog with Hairstyling Instructions: 'Puffel Pumm'

SatHAIRday: For Cindy aka Puffel Pumm, Saturday is all about beautiful hair! Next to beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics, hair styling ideas and haircare are among Cindy’s vlog favourites. The blonde presents her tips and tricks in a friendly manner. Emulate? Definitely!

'Anything goes when it comes to styling hair – you should simply wear what makes you feel good. We can wear any look we want as long as we radiate well-being.' Word! This message from vlogger (= video blogger) Cindy meets our full approval. The blonde native of Hamburg/Germany currently provides more than 60,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel 'Puffel Pumm' with hip hair tutorials and personal recommendations for a well-groomed trendy mane.

Cindy’s video blog 'Puffel Pumm'

Always in a jovial mood, the 23-year-old presents do-it-yourself tricks for eye-catching hair every Saturday. Stylings for special occasions are part of the mix. From festival to job interview – the blogging banker always has inspiration to offer. With her positive radiance and easy to understand instructions, Cindy makes you want to try things yourself! Creativity is always welcome: In her 'Game of Thrones' tutorial for example, Puffel Pumm demonstrates how to replicate the enchanting braided hairstyle of Khaleesi, her favourite character from the fantasy television series.

Of course Cindy can offer top tips for everyday life as well! She divulges her own personal hair routine in her videos, explains how to recolour hour hairline yourself or the proper way to care for extensions. The video blogger likes to try new things and then share her experiences and opinions with users. She offers her followers a grandiose bonus service in doing so.

This curiosity and willingness to take hair styling risks served as the foundation of Puffel Pumm’s vlogger career: 'I once wanted to dye my own hair with henna and was looking for videos along those lines. Since I couldn’t find any really good videos, I decided to make my own.' Like may of her YouTube colleagues, Cindy launched her blog based on a need. The many positive comments she received at the outset served as special motivation to stay on the ball: 'I just think it’s amazing how much time some of my viewers take to give me feedback. It shows me that my videos are really being taken seriously.'

Hair Styling Instructions: Chignon as Sweet Hair Ribbon

It’s that simple? When you look at Cindy’s tutorials, you may find it hard to believe how quick and easy some hairstyles can be conjured up – like the chignon that is shaped into a super-sweet hair ribbon. This look can even be created with mid-length hair! Exactly how to do this is shown by Cindy in this video:

Autumn Welcome!

Cindy’s hair weapon for cool autumn weather and the feared bad hair days – hats: 'They can look really great, and with the right hairstyle wearing them is a lot of fun.' How the cool beanie styles work is demonstrated by 'Puffel Pumm' in this clip:

Close-up: More About Cindy

Video blogs hairstyling instructions
© Puffel Pumm

Short cut? No thanks! Even though short hair can look great, it would just take too long to regrow for Cindy

By the way, Cindy’s (hair)style ideal is top model Lena Gercke. 'She looks great and her hair is always perfectly styled. Any hairstyle looks good on her because she always does something special with them,' says the video blogger, who tries to do exactly that every Saturday on her YouTube channel. Of course Puffel Pumm does not sit around on the other weekdays, but shoots exciting videos about sports, travel, make-up and more.

So where did the name 'Puffel Pumm' for her video blog come from? The Hamburg native is a great Pokémon fan. Her favourite creature from the animé series is Pummeluff, reminiscent of a pink marshmallow. When Cindy is in a good mood her boyfriend calls her 'Pummel', in a bad mood: 'Puffel'. That is how she made up her YouTube name.

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