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Video Blog with Hairstyling Instructions: 'Cali Kessy'

Sweet like Kessy! This month we are sweetening our category 'Favourite Vlogger in the YouTube Cosmos' with Kessy from 'Cali Kessy'. She always offers her fans a sweet smile, outstanding hairstyling instructions and many additional beauty tips. So she has earned a place in our blog list

Vegetarian with staying power, admittedly not into sports, crazy about the finer things in life like hair, beauty and make-up. Kessy from Karlsruhe is just as versatile as her blog 'Cali Kessy'. With plenty of know-how and cheeky charm, the 22-year-old explains her personal beauty world to her followers, attracting them to the screen with appealing hairstyling tutorials, motivating make-up tips and colourful nail designs.

Kessy’s video blog 'Cali Kessy'

What makes her blog? 'Beauty, fun and honest opinions,' says Kessy. The student consistently tries to get the best out of herself and her ideas rather than deluding her followers with pure superficialities. She counts on sincere comments, direct tips and the (un)adorned truth. This also includes private matters like her long-distance relationship. The sweet life is really no bed of roses, just like super smooth legs in the summer or applying false eyelashes... Kessy shares personal experiences with her fans and stands by their side in words and deeds. A give and take. She relies on her followers too – for example, the young native of Baden-Württemberg is asking for tips to prepare for her upcoming visit to Munich. Interaction at its best! 

Close-up: More About Kessy

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Kessy’s feel-good hairstyle: Long hair with ponytail

'At first I was just doing this for fun!', Kessy explains. After a 13-month stay in California as an au pair, she had to wait for a university place in Germany and dedicated this time to blogging: 'I’ve been following other YouTubers like 'Shaaanxo' for a long time and really enjoyed that.' In the meantime, Kessy has been blogging for more than a year and her fan community keeps on growing (currently close to 9,000 subscribers). On YouTube the blogger mainly specialises in hairstyles – no wonder because her mane is holy to her! 'I think the length of my hair is really super right now and I like how glossy it is. I make sure to look after it as well as a I can,' Kessy explains. The student swears by leave-in treatments and tries to protect her hair against too much heat. 'While I do straighten my hair often, I always use a heat protectant.' The Baden-Württemberg native has never fancied a short haircut: 'I have always wanted really long hair, so there is little chance I am going to have it cut off. But I do admire all women and girls who choose a short haircut and set trends with that.'

Hairstyling instructions ('Cali Kessy'):

Always a solution: Bad hair days are no problem for Kessy. The student has discovered the popular messy bun for herself, which allows her to tie her hair up out of the way when it is no longer all that fresh: 'A casual hair knot is quick and fast to create, and very versatile!' 'Cali Kessy' shows us how the multifaceted look works in her video:

Video: Hairstyles without heat – 4 simple mess buns