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Style Hunter: The Trends from London & New York

On the hunt for the latest hair looks: Photographer Gunnar Lillehammer ( captured the season’s hair highlights for us in the streets of London and New York! In focus: snazzy snapshots, metropolitan manes, inspiring images and the styles of tomorrow – worth every click!

Sometimes finding the hairdo that really suits you is not all that easy. Are the cut and the colour trendy? Is my dream cut out of date? Can I wear that? Does it look good on me? Questions, questions, causing doubts rather than finding the right hair look. The secret: Rely on your sense of style, trust your senses and believe in your decision. The truth is: There is no right or wrong! Act on instinct and do what makes you feel best – it is going to show. And that makes you look good! For the ultimate proof, see the hair heroes in Gunnar Lillehammer’s snapshots! The looks captured by the street style photographer’s lens are no mainstream manes. These colours, cuts and styles are unique. Which is precisely why they help shape the trends of tomorrow.

The star blogger has been photographing people on the streets of major fashion metropolises for his prize-winning blog since 2007 (Musikexpress Style Award). What sets his photos apart? Gunnar Lillehammer takes authentic shots. The native of Munich manages to capture a city’s style to perfection. He prowls the streets. That is where Gunnar Hämmerle is always on the lookout for creative heads with creative minds – people with that certain something extra. He captured a few of these splendid specimens and hair exotics for us during Fashion Week in New York and London. What makes the two fashion metropolises different? See for yourself:

Hairdo Trends on the Streets of New York

Wild yet wearable. Strident yet elegant. Feminine yet cool. The city that never sleeps is wide awake when it comes to hair styling. Imagination and a bold fashion sense are skilfully blended in the street style image of the American metropolis – creating a modern mix that is both attractive and trendsetting. Fashion forward – the mega-city’s fashion motto is reflected in its hairdos!

Street Style from New York

Hairdo Trends on the Streets of London

Passionately stylish – the British capital is known for fashionable people who enjoy experimentation. The London look: Hip, bold fashion statements with plenty of class. The English bet on extravagance, trends and good taste, also when it comes to hair – very British in other words.

London Street Style

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