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Street Styles as Seen in Berlin

A leisurely walk in the thick of metropolitan cities will provide a wealth of hairstyle inspiration. We went out on a fashion safari in the streets of Berlin and brought home photographs of the coolest street hairstyles. We are going to share our pickings with you

The current motto in hair fashion is ‘Let’s get noticed!’ Hardly any other German city can hold a candle to metropolitan Berlin when it comes to fashion forward experimentation. There is a place in Berlin for the style-conscious fashion and hair fashion avant-garde and for twentieth century hippies alike. We encountered the newest hairstyles created by the most exclusive star hair stylists in Berlin, home-cut hairstyles as well as the unconcerned devil-may-care hairstyles of the young. In the German metropolis, an assured sense of style is paired with the fun of experimenting. Women colour the ends of their hair in the colours of the rainbow or wear eye-catching hair accessories, and every once in a while, women play up Granny’s hairstyle in perfect form.

We hope you will enjoy the intriguing hairstyles directly from the streets of Berlin in our gallery.

Gallery: Street Hairstyles in Berlin