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2014 Trendy Hairstyle: Razor-Cut Bob

On the blogger’s head everything is soft, both in terms of hair colour and style. Our discovery: The trendy razor-cut hairstyle—a particularly playful variation of the classic step cut worn in natural shades

The trendy style for 2014 was all over the fashion show catwalks, as well as on stars and in the blogosphere. Our favourite look: the hairstyle of blogger Elin Kling (pictured above), who wears her Pomeranian blonde hair at medium length. Only the top model squad said 'Goodbye, long girlish flowing wavy hair' and traded it in for an edgy razor-cut. Because this haircut is not only easy to take care of, but also flexible. Depending on hair length, the razor-cut bob can also be worn short.

What is the Razor-Cut Bob?

With a razor blade, or scissors, the hair strands are cut into a bob, framing the face and accentuating the contour. For this, three to five centimetres trimmed off. The process is much like the conventional step cut, light and feathery. Here a clear line is created, while keeping its playful look because of the varying lengths.

The razor-cut bob works well with fine to middle-thick hair, and with every hair texture, whether straight or curly. Another plus for the razor-cut bob: This trendy hair cut suits all face shapes, because the hairdresser can tailor it.

In short, the razor-cut brings movement to hair. The new hair cut is cool, but at the same time soft and feminine. The new bob variations come in different lengths and appear far softer than with previous blunt cuts. But the razor cut can also be cut blunt at the same length. For a lighter shape, the ends are feathered. The effect is that the hair frames the face and the ends lose some weight.

Colour for the Trendy Razor-Bob in 2014

Natural shades, ranging from sandy blond to honey brown, are ideal for emphasising the lightness of this trendy haircut. As well, light brown brings out the structure of razor-cut bobs and shows off the smart haircut to advantage.

How to Style a Razor-Cut Bob

One hair cut—many different looks: The razor-cut bob is easy to maintain and can be done in different hairdos. For a natural look as though you are coming from the beach, let your hair air dry after washing to give it a natural frizzy look. Do you want more volume? Then blow dry the top hair over the head or under a round brush. Hair wax can be used to accentuate a few strands or work the front part separately. Beach waves also work well on a face with a razor-cut bob. For an elegant evening look, use hair gel to make the top sleek with this trendy 2014 style, and use a straightening iron on the length.

Tip: Create volume at the hairline using, for example, volumising powder or dry shampoo. Also volumising shampoo adds body.


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