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Blog Trend: Hairstyles for Mothers

On their mom blogs, today’s women show how to be a Mom and look stylish. We introduce to you the authors of a few mom blogs and their styling preferences

More and more mothers share their experiences in their blogs. This is most certainly not due to the overabundance of time between feeding and diaper changing. The simple fact is that mothers are interested in looking stylish despite the demands of dealing with a young family. Blogs are their way of sharing the good and the not so good of young family life with other mothers. We ventured into some of the new mom blogs and learned what mothers think about blogging, their lives with children, and the daily styling.  

Nina, Blogging Mom (see the photo above)

For two years now, Nina writes about modern parenting in a blog titled "Frau Mutter" - eine Mutter am Rande des Nervenzusammenbruchs ("Mom – A Mother on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown"). She is the mother of two young children and admits to being hooked on blogging about her parenting experiences. In her blog, she also shares her ideas on styling, fashion, and cosmetics. Her blog shows how important these topics are to her.

Nina on the topic bad hair days: "Young mothers can hardly avoid bad hair days." These are the days when Nina gathers her hair into a chignon or ponytail. "If I had the necessary styling talent I would wear braids", explains Nina.

"My hair literally stands on end", is Nina’s comment about her photo above. Meanwhile, the young mother knows what to do about frizzy hair. Our hair straightening tutorial helped her to tame the frizz.

Blogging Mother: Henriette

Frisuren für Mütter

The young mother wears a chin-length bob/ "It always looks great; the more tousled it looks the better I like it", she tells us

As young mother Henriette prefers casual hairstyles. However, every six weeks she asks her hair stylist for a colour touch-up to cover the re-growth of her blonde hair. "After all, I am not only a mom but also a woman", she asserts. In her blog titled "Super Mom", she writes what many mothers feel.

Henriette's main topic is hair styling: Henriette is a mother of two children. After colouring her hair blonde, she adds either silvery or pink accents. The colour and the accents give her a young and modern appearance. For bad hair days she suggests a simple ponytail or hair accessories such as an Alice band.

Blogging Mother: Anne

Frisuren für Mütter

Mother and blogger Anne prefers long hair

"Motherhood also has its challenges!" This is the experience Anne wanted to share with other mothers in her blog titled"‘Annes Mama-Blog" ("Anne’s Mom Blog"). Like many mothers, her morning routine does not allow much time for elaborate hair styling and makeup. Still, a quick makeup routine and finding a suitable outfit for the day’s activities must fit into her busy schedule.

Anne’s hairstyle on busy days: "If I don’t go anywhere I gather my hair using a barrette or a scrunchy. On bad hair days a chignon in the back of my head is the best hairstyle solution."

Blogging Mother: Anna

Frisuren für Mütter

Blogger and mother Anna’s blog is "Berlin Mitte Mom" (Downtown Berlin Mom). She parts her long hair in the middle.

Anna is a mother of three young children. Blogging is her way to express her ideas and to step back for a while from the demands of motherhood. She had to adjust her style to her busy schedule: "My outfit clearly shows whether I am about to embark in a home office day with cooking, tending to the children, and taxi service or whether the babysitter will come and pick up the children because I am going to meet with somebody.

Anna's hairstyle solution on bad hair days: the chignon. "That dumpling on your head’ my children like to call it'", Anna smiles. "There is no braiding or styling on those days. Everything must go in jiffy and hairdos must look good as long as possible."

Styling Tips for Mothers

Use dry shampoo when there is no time to shampoo your hair.

Chignons and ponytails are terrific solutions on bad hair days.

When your hair does not want to cooperate, distract by adding accessories to your hairdo.

Quick leave-in hair treatments repair damaged hair.

Use volumising styling powder to create volume the easy way.

Braid your still wet hair after shampooing if your hair needs to look good for two days. This will create large bouncy waves.


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