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Bloggers Wear Blunt Edge Haircuts

Blunt edge haircuts are no longer relegated to young girls. They are now also a stylish option for bloggers and professional women of all ages. Style icons like Jane Birkin, and Suvi Koponen are the trailblazers for this styling trend

Exchanging your layered haircut against a blunt edge cut is yet another subtle way to change your hairstyle while leaving radical changes to another day. This hairstyle trend appeals to many young women in the blogosphere. See whether you like to try it.

About the Blunt Edge Haircut

In a blunt edge haircut, the ends of the hair are cut accurately to the same overall length. This haircut works well for most hairstyles and structures. It is particularly practical for women with thin hair because hair looks fuller when it is cut to a blunt edge rather than layer-cut.

Suitable Hairstyles for Blunt Edge Cuts

Blunt-edged haircuts are as suitable for sleek hair as they are for wavy styles. Even the old standby, the ponytail, looks fuller and less casual with a blunt edge cut. Ponytails and chignons will be easier to style and look more organised without escaping short hair.

Blogger Anne with Blunt Edge Haircut


Anne is known to many from her blog 'Les Attitudes'. She wears her shoulder-length hair curly, wavy or straight to match her fashion style. The curly hair is a perfect choice to wear with her colourful summer dress while the straight hair goes well with the leather jacket. The haircut flatters Anne’s oval face and allows her to vary her hairstyle in many ways. In the curly version, the hair is curled only from eye level down while the hair near the roots remains straight.

Blogger Audrey with Blunt Edge Haircut

© Audrey Rogers / Frassy

Audrey’s blog is called 'Frassy'. She likes to experiment with new hairstyles. Audrey has been cutting her hair to a straight edge for a while now and wears her hair sometimes open (often wearing a hat) and sometimes in a ponytail or chignon. She adapts her hairstyles to her fashion choices, which may range from casual to elegant. However, her style is always playful and simple. Audrey told us, "I prefer simple hairstyles, which look good with little ado".

Blogger Leonie with Blunt Edge Haircut

© Leonie Gerner/ La Leonella

Blogger Leonie demonstrates how appealing blunt edge haircuts look with chin-length to medium-length hair. She allows her hair to grow to medium-length before cutting it again but keeps the blunt edge cut. "I experiment with soft waves and sometimes cut the hair over my forehead", Leonie comments. "When my hair is long enough I like to braid it in playful ways or wear a hat. The main thing is that I avoid austere styles! They don’t suit me at all." Leonie likes to wear feminine outfits reminiscent of the high times of rock and roll. The blog ‘La Leonella’ shows the many sides of Leonie.


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