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Active with Style – Great Sports Hairstyles

There are many hairstyles fit for everything we like to do, it be running in hot weather or tending to house and garden or the many sports activities, which fuel our ambition. See whether you can find some time between your activities to try one or the other of our beautiful sports hairstyles. You will find tips and tricks to go with the photos, and there is also Armin Morbach’s helpful video on styling a few of the many ponytail variations

Athletes need hairstyles, which are convenient, easy to style, and also appeal for an all-around put together look. Of course, pro athletes are experts in selecting the right hairstyles for their sports. Who else spends several hours almost every day on training and competition? Three-time Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross (see our photo above) also has plenty of hairstyling expertise paired with all her other talents. The Jamaican athlete competes for the USA in 400-m field and track. She specialises in 400-m distance runs. To keep her medium-length hair out of her face she braids her front hair starting on one side above her forehead. The braid ends on the other side of the forehead.
Styling: Create a side parting and start braiding an about 1 ½ inch strand of your hair from the parting across your forehead. Then secure the end of the braid above ear level on the other side using a scrunchy, bobby pins or a hair slide.

Ready, set, go and get your hair ready for training.

Styling Tools for Sports Hairstyles

Fly-away hair can be a nuisance in sports. The proper styling tools help you keep the hair in place, and your hairstyle will survive the hardest workout.

Among the required tools are Alice bands, scrunchies, bobby pins, hairspray, volumising mousse, and styling wax.

Sports Hairstyles – Tips & Tricks

Use an Alice band to keep your hair in check. Alice bands not only hold your hair in place but can also be a colourful and appealing part of your outfit.

Style the hair over your forehead into a trendy quiff so that it does not bother you or interferes with your concentration. Fringes can be pinned back or swept sideways and secured with hair slides or clips to make sure that they don't distract you.

Make sure to use scrunchies without metal parts, which may damage your hair and lead to hair breakage.

Hopefully, our photo gallery will inspire you to try one or the other of our beautiful sports hairstyles.

In his videos, hair stylist and make-up artist Armin Morbach shares his expertise with you. This time, he shows you variations of the most popular sports hairstyle, the ponytail.

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