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New Hairdos for Sports

Whip not only yourself but also your hair into top shape: To make sure you do not break a sweat while styling, we chose only the best fitness hairdos. From aerobics to Zumba – no matter what your favourite workout may be, you are guaranteed to succeed with these outstanding hair looks

Same old ponytail... Sounds familiar? Welcome to the club: Sport styling usually focuses just on the practical, so you tie your hair back in a quick and simple ponytail before training. The fitness classic has proven itself – it can be styled in next to no time and keeps the hair in place no matter how you move. But just as in training, a bit of variety is welcome in styling – and usually that comes out in the details.

New Sport Hairdos

Ponytail with a new twist: The twirled braid is entering the race!

Time to twist, braid and twirl! Popular sport hairdos like the ponytail and chignon are being reinterpreted with a fresh twist. The great thing about that: These sophisticated sporty styles really are child’s play, perfectly taming both longer and short hair. Score a point for creativity. And with the right accessories, you earn even more points: The yoga mat, treadmill and boxing ring are transformed into the new trend arena thanks to flexible hair bands or cool hair rings.

Experience the joy of sports! Here are our top 6: Fancy fitness hairdos for Pilates, Zumba and more. Get active!

Warm-Up for Your Hair: The Top 6 Hairdos for Sports

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