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Hair Styles for Athletes Strike Home

It is quite inconvenient to be on the cross trainer while having to blow the fringes out of your face over and again. Losing your balance doing the yoga sun salutation due to flowing long hair does not feel much better. It helps to bring some order to your hairdo ahead of exercising. Remember, it does not have to be a ponytail. Of course, the ponytail is an option

Chignons low in the nape of the neck or high on top of the head are beautiful alternatives. There is another simple but interesting alternative to the plain ponytail. You first use a scrunchy to gather your hair in a ponytail and then pull half the length of the gathered hair through the scrunchy once more. This way you wind up with a short looped ponytail. In case of shoulder-length hair, this almost looks like an updo.
The casual school girl variation is also pretty. Simply comb your hair to the side and braid it loosely. Small accessories can help if you wear fringes or have short hair. Narrow Alice bands keep your hair out of your face during sport and exercise. Besides, they can look quite stylish. Shortcuts look especially pretty with fringes pinned to the side with hair slides. Secure the hair slides by placing two of them crosswise in your hair. This also looks very trendy.

By the way, you should not wash your hair immediately before engaging in sports or doing your exercise. Better wash it after finishing your athletic activities. Freshly washed hair is usually too smooth to safely stay pinned back or stay braided. You don’t have time after sports or exercise but your mane still needs to be stylish?  Simply apply some styling spray to your hair and hang you head upside down while you allow the styling spray to dry.

These beauty tools belong into your duffel bag along with your exercise gear

  • Hair scrunchies
  • Hair slides
  • Alice Bands
  • Travel-sized shampoo and rinse (alternatively shampoo/conditioner combinations for busy people)
  • A small can of hair spray
  • Styling spray
  • A small tube of styling gel if needed
  • Shower gel
  • Body lotion
  • Deodorant or deodorant wipes

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