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Champion Footballer Hairstyles

Nice header! The Women’s World Cup is earning more and more fans: In addition to exciting games and goals, it features world champion hairstyles. We present trendsetting and title-worthy footballer hairstyles plus tips and tricks for sporty hair

World class! The kickers of the Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada exhibit an unerring sense for the trends: In addition to their sports performance, the hairstyle tactics are worth seeing too! The ladies no longer rank behind their world-famous male colleagues in any way, setting exemplary trends like Neymar, Ronaldo & Co. Increasingly the stylish yet practical hairstyles of these footballers are sending the proven, classic ponytail to the penalty box. Here are the most promising newcomers: pert short cuts, edgy colours, braided details and cool undercuts – every cut a hit!

Browse our gallery to see which hairstyles are leading the pack when it comes to in-styles:

The best footballer hairstyles on the pitch

Footballer hairstyle: Rules of the game

Sporty hairstyles need to stay in shape, perspiration and motion notwithstanding, and must persevere in training. Here are a few tips and tricks for proper hairstyle discipline for professionals:

The equipment

World champions: Hair elastics are widely used in sporty hairstyles – often to accompany a classic ponytail or chignon. A hair band is ideal to keep the fringe and other short hairs from falling into the face. Unlike the Alice band, the elastic hair band is also suitable for headers. And: Thanks to different colours, the hair accessory can be matched to the outfit.

Let the game begin!

Warm-up: Top-notch footballer hairstyles require the right preparations. Mousse is needed to keep the hairstyle in top form. From the undone chignon to the braided style or short cut, a bit of mousse lends natural hold and volume to the hairstyle.

Play: Change tactics and try a new sporting hairstyle often. This prevents hair from being stressed by clips and elastics in the same places all the time. Tie the hair at the crown, at other times at the back of the head, or braid it on the side.

The final: Secure the finished style with some hairspray. This ensures even better hold and prevents loose strands of hair from distracting you.

Final whistle:

Regenerating care: Brush hair before washing to loosen strands knotted by sports and remove residues of styling products. A conditioner revitalises your hair and gives it new strength. Stressed hair needs to be cut regularly so it falls well and maintains a healthy gloss.