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Sleek Look for men – groomed and stylish

In their day, Cary Grant and Sean Connery wore this hairstyle to powerful effect. Now stars like Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and David Beckham, as well as trendsetting bloggers and street style icons are celebrating its revival – the Sleek Look is back. The best part: This perfect symbiosis of pure masculinity and classical elegance is now even easier to style

The Sleek Look is a go-to everyday look for many gentlemen. It's not just suited to the older gent, but increasingly embraced by younger men. What makes the modern trend look: Sleekly styled hair no longer looks cemented, like it did back in the day, but more natural and lively. To be able to style a trendy Sleek Look, your covering hair needs to have a certain length, ideally about six to eight centimeters.

How to style the modern Sleek Look

For a modern Sleek Look, the following styling hints are important: Don't add product to wet, but to blowdried hair. That way, the finish doesn't look too shiny or stiff. In a first styling step, comb hair back. Follow with a lightly textured pomade or hair gel and slick covering hair towards the back of your head. If you want a very accurate look, use a comb, but you can also apply product using your hands.
Tip: Men with slightly wavy hair can also wear the Sleek Look in a few easy steps. Simply use straighteners before styling (don't forget to use heat protectant spray) and finish with gel, wax or pomade.

These 3 features make the Sleek Look Trend

  • Men with distinctive features wear the trend style particularly well, as it really draws attention to the face. 
  • Sleek Look + tuxedo = High Performance. But it also looks amazing in a deliberate clash with jeans and leather jacket, for everyday wear.
  • Designer stubble or a full beard? No thanks. The Sleek Look is on point, with a cleanly shaved, beardless face.