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Hair Straightening: Three Ways to Straight Hair

It is elegant, slimming and sexy – no wonder the sleek look is so popular! We present various techniques that lead straight to success: Blow-drying over a round or paddle brush, styling with the straightening iron or a longer-lasting straightening method. Find the solution that works for you:

You have your look all straightened out? Good. Sleekly styled hair is the absolute all-time favourite that is quasi always fashionable. Pure, clean and simple. Yet classy and elegant, flawless and modern. No wonder straight hair is so popular today. Street style stars, celebrities, catwalk models and stylish women swear by the sleek look that works wonderfully for any style, taste, occasion and hair cut (short to long).

Even if your hair is not naturally straight, there is no need to despair. There are plenty of straightening methods that promise sleek success for any hair texture. Having tracked down the three best techniques, we reveal which is suited for whom and what lasts the longest:

Hair Straightening: Blow-Drying Over the Round or Paddle Brush

The classic hair straightening method: with hairdryer and brush! Easy to apply since both items are usually on hand in any bathroom, gentle on your hair and not expensive. With no major preparation, brush the hair straight while blow-drying it. A paddle brush works best on long hair while a round brush is better for short cuts. Hair straightening made easy.

How it’s done:
First apply heat protectant. Now gently twist the towel-dried hair around the brush strand by strand, briefly blow-dry and then pull it straight over the bristles. The hairdryer always follows the movement of the brush from the hairline to the ends, with and not against the cuticle. Special straightening creams or sprays applied before blow-drying intensify the sleek effect.

Practical: Some of these styling helpers contain additional heat protectant that keeps the hair from drying out while blow drying.

Good to know: Hair straightening by blow-drying over a round or paddle brush is easy even for beginners. The sleek look lasts about a day. However, the brush method is not the most promising for women with naturally curly hair. It cannot always straighten the curls, usually producing slight waves. That is why method two is recommended...

Hair Straightening: Styling with a Straightening Iron

You have natural curls and covet a sleek, silky look? Then you should get a straightening iron. With this styling tool, you will achieve a far greater hair straightening effect than with the brush and hairdryer method. Since the heat of the iron quickly changes the hair structure (which creates the super sleek effect), please be sure to use heat protectant! Countless speciality products in the form of liquids, mousses and sprays are available to protect your hair today and also give it a brilliant, glossy finish.

How it’s done:
Generously spray heat protectant onto towel-dried hair from 20 to 25 cm away (working it in with a coarse comb is best) and only then blow-dry it. Now take the straightening iron and work your dry hair strand by strand. Devices with a special coating (ceramic for instance) make sure the hair is heated evenly and gently.

Practical: A straight result that lasts about two days. After the first night you simply touch up the sleek look quickly with the straightening iron!

Good to know: To prevent permanent damage to your mane, you should apply a treatment for dry or stressed hair once a week in addition to using a heat protectant spray.

Video: How to Straighten Natural Curls

Armin Morbach helps you to go from natural curls to straight shiny hair in just a few easy styling steps. Use the flat iron the right way to create a timeless sleek look, which will hold until the next shampoo.

Hair Straightening: Lasting Results

Your attempts did not lead straight to success? No need to panic, this is where the third method comes into play. It is suitable for women with curls, waves, frizz or unruly hair. Both semi-permanent and permanent straightening is possible. This is where you consult a hairdresser.

How it’s done:
Semi-permanent hair straightening is done in two steps. First a straightening serum (containing keratin, silk and wheat proteins) is applied to towel-dried hair, which is then combed out straight. After being allowed to work for 20 minutes, the serum that makes your hair straight and supple is rinsed out with lukewarm water. Then a sealing cream is brushed on. It contains active substances that preserve the new sleekness. The hair can be combed out straight one or two times during the ten minutes while the cream does its work. After rinsing, you will make an impression straight away!

Practical: The semi-permanent straightening method makes your mane look super sleek for up to ten washings, while permanent straightening by a hairdresser promises results lasting several months