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Festive hairdos for your Christmas party – quick and easy to style

Are you searching for an elegant look for the next Christmas party? We are presenting the most attractive, trendiest hairstyles for the holidays! The best thing about that: all of the styles are especially fast and simple to create

You’ve picked your holiday outfit but the hair is not decided yet? No problem – the following hairstyle inspirations are guaranteed to whip it into shape: not only are the sleek look, chignon and long bob the perfect styling partners for your festive outfits from the little black dress to the maxi dress, they are wonderfully easy to style as well. And it doesn’t matter whether your hair is fine or thick, short or long. With the right products, your personal glamour hairdo will be ready in minutes. Let the party begin!

Holiday hairstyle: sleek look

It was all over the catwalks this year (seen here with Balmain): the sleek look. Yet you do not need a hair and makeup artist to style your hair in the catwalk look. The most important implement for long or curly hair? A straightening iron! Be sure to apply heat protection and then straighten the hair in sections. Apply a generous amount of gel to your palms, use it to slick back the hair and secure it on the sides with hair clips under the top hair. Not only is this hairdo very festive, it also brings out your face. Elegant makeup and statement jewellery really make you shine.

Holiday hairstyle: sleek short cut

The sleek short cut lends a generous portion of Hollywood glamour to your styling. It not only works with long hair, but for instance also with a layered short cut or pageboy cut. Simply distribute a hazelnut sized amount of gel through all your hair and style it back or to the side severely with a fine-toothed comb as shown in the photo. Variant: for an amazing twenties wave effect, secure the fringe with bobby pins in a wave shape and then blow dry it.

Holiday hairstyle: low braided chignon

This braided hairdo is perfect for anyone looking for a modern updo with a romantic touch. First knead some volumising powder into your hair for added grip and tie a low ponytail. Loosen the hair elastic, form an opening between the hairline and hair elastic with your fingers, and push the ponytail through from top to bottom. Then braid the lengths and secure with another (transparent) hair elastic. Depending on the hair length, the braid is threaded through the opening the same way and thereby wrapped around itself, until only the end is left and can be pinned under the chignon at the crown with hair pins. Finally just apply some hairspray.

Holiday hairstyle: low, wrapped ponytail

The classic hairdo can also be festive. Hiding the hair elastic makes a simple ponytail appear highly elegant. How to style the glamorous ponytail: work in heat protection and blow dry the hair until it is smooth. Use a straightening iron to get it into shape if necessary. Bring all the hair back severely and tie it into a ponytail at the back of the neck. Separate a strand one to two centimetres wide from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic. The end is simply secured on the underside of the ponytail with hair clips. A great plus of this hairstyle: it really brings out your makeup and earrings.

Holiday hairstyle: nineties bob

Chin length, asymmetrical or in the long version – the bob has recently made a major comeback. You like it elegant but natural? Then this easy-care cut is exactly right for you. New: the ends are blow dried inwards over a round brush, reminiscent of the nineties. Heat protection spray guards the hair against damage and some hair oil in the lengths makes it glossy. With this twist the bob beautifully frames your face with French chic.

Holiday hairstyle: undone braid

This braided hairstyle appears festively relaxed since it is so perfectly imperfect. First use a curling iron to add volume to your hair and then carefully shake it out upside-down. Form a low side parting on the right side and lay all your hair over the shoulder on the left side (or vice versa). Divide the hair into three strands and make a loose herringbone braid, leaving out the fringe. For the final undone touch, pluck out individual strands with your fingers.

Holiday hairstyle: high ponytail

Better than any beauty treatment: this extra-elegant hairdo makes you look young and fresh in next to no time. The high ponytail looks especially elegant when the hair is well cared for, glossy and healthy. Hint: While the hair used to be cut in layers for added fullness, the ends are cut blunt today. Fine or thick, this goes for any hair texture: straighten it first, then tie it up at the crown. Slightly tease the hair first for added volume.


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