Hair Styling | 60s Hairstyles

Stars with Sixties Styles: Drew Barrymore's casual beehive

For scapula-long hair

The casually pinned beehive style emphasises Drew Barrymore’s natural but classy style. Ideally, your hair should reach at least down to your shoulder blades for this style.

Here's how

  1. Use a tail comb to part your hair on the side of your head. Then partition off an about dessert plate-sized area of hair around your hair crown
  2. Tease the partitioned hair strand by strand and use some hair spray to give hold and manageability to the teased hair
  3. Use a styling brush (which looks almost like a comb with bristles) only on the outer layer of hair to make it appear a little smoother. Be sure not to destroy the result of all the hair teasing in the process
  4. Now gather the ends of the teased hair, fold it under and pin it to the lower part of your neck area in the back of your head. Use hair spray for some hold
  5. Gather the strands of hair on the side of your head and in your neck and pin them to the lower part of your neck as well. Hold the hair on the sides of your head with pins if necessary
  6. Tease the front hair lightly and arrange it either casually around your face or pull it behind your ears. How you do it depends on your style