Woman with dark blond hair in half-up hairstyle, wearing a turquoise top and sixties style make-up.
Hair Styling | 60s Hairstyles

How to Style the 60s Look Today

Iconic hairstyles of the sixties are still causing a sensation. From pageboy to pixie haircuts, whether playful or glamorous, these are the coolest styles – and this is how to wear them now 

Big volume 60s hairstyles

More is better – that was the motto for voluminous updos in the sixties. Teased or backcombed, hair was big! The beehive and bouffant were especially popular and these looks can be worn again today as half-up styles with loads of volume at the crown. Think: Adele’s go-to glamorous look.


Styling tips:


  • Divide a wide section of hair from your forehead.
  • For extra volume, spray your roots with volumizing blow-drying spray and blow-dry hair around a thick round brush.
  • Add some volume powder or dry shampoo for extra volume.
  • Backcomb your hair section by section, beginning at the center back of your head and work towards the top.
  • Smoothly comb the upper layers of hair loosely over the backcombed area.
  • For a half-up style, use a hair tie to secure this hair into a ponytail on the lower back of the head – or secure with hairpins.
  • Alternatively, you can also use a padded hair piece concealed between the upper layer and bottom half of your hair. Secure in place with bobby pins and cover the piece properly with your upper layer of hair.
  • Take the previously separated wide section from the forehead and tuck it behind your ears. Bangs can be parted in the middle to frame your face.

60s hairstyles with headbands

Alongside bows, headbands were a must-have hair accessory in the sixties. Headbands mean your hair is styled out of your face – and out of your way! Behind the headband, the hair should have tons of volume. Make it perfect: Add a sixties flip to finish this retro style.


Styling tips:

  • Tease hair on the top of your head and position the headband one or two finger widths back from the hairline.
  • Finish by blow-drying the ends of your hair upwards and out with a round brush to get a sixties flip.

60s hairstyle: long, loose hippie hair

The end of the 60s heralded the era of hippies. Long waves, wild curls and natural afro hair was styled with headbands or flower crowns. These days, this look is often seen on stylish people at music festivals radiating joie de vivre coolness.  


Styling tips:

  • Use haircare products that bring the natural structure of your hair to life.
  • Forget your hair dryer and let your hair air dry instead. Thanks to innovative products, you can still get a soft, easy-to-comb result without blow-drying.
  • A texturizing spray or a small amount of styling cream can accentuate your natural look.
  • Get healthy shine with a lightweight oil spray.
  • A curl-enhancing mousse increases the bounce of your curls, defines them and minimizes frizz. It also adds shine and makes your curls look wildly wonderful.

60s hairstyle: bold, short cut

Short haircuts were a favorite in the sixties and they’re on trend again in 2019. Think: Bowl cut and pageboy styles with signature cool, precisely cut bangs.


Styling tips:

  • Apply some styling mousse to roots and blow-dry outwards with a round brush.
  • Finish with a flexible hairspray to hold natural movement.
  • For a touch of evening glamor, spritz with shine spray.
  • Regular trims are a must to maintain the clean lines that characterize bold short hairstyles.

60s hairstyle: the pixie

The pixie cut is an absolute classic. Why? Versatility! With the sides and back short and the upper hair longer, it can be styled elegantly or edgy. This confident short cut became the trademark of the youth movement in 1960s England. Women who wore it demonstrated independence and strength, and perhaps this is a reason it’s as popular now as it was then! In 2019, the pixie cut will be worn undone and natural making it look ultra-relaxed yet feminine.


Styling tips:

  • Apply an air-dry product and let your hair dry naturally.
  • Accentuate individual sections with a bit of styling balm.
  • Highlights will add structure and depth.
  • Baby bangs are the perfect complement to the pixie. The short feathery look is a nod to Mia Farrow’s hairstyle in the movie “Rosemary's Baby”.

60s hairstyle: curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have a popular hold on beauty bloggers and fashion pros alike. The look features bangs that are parted in the middle – you guessed it, like a curtain! Made famous by style icon Brigitte Bardot, she wore curtain bangs with voluminous half-up hairstyles in the sixties, and loose undone hair in the seventies. Wear these cool bangs today with a long bob, bun or ponytail.  


Styling tips:

  • Dry shampoo is the secret to keeping bangs looking fresher for longer. Spray bangs with dry shampoo from underneath.
  • Create a center parting at the middle of your bangs.