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Hairstyles with Centre Parting

No two centre partings are alike. It’s simply a question of how they are created and how the rest of the hair will be styled. We’ll show you a range of looks, from inexact partings to messy-chic styles to wet looks. We also have one or two variants that you’ve certainly never seen before…

A centre parting is a true classic that can be styled in many different ways. Those who consider it slightly dull or ordinary will soon think twice, as the classic centre parting can be pepped up and styled in some rather extraordinary ways…

Take a look at the most beautiful centre parting styles in our picture gallery.

Hair Styles with Centre Parting Anything but Average

The centre parting enjoyed one of its heydays in the 1970s, during the hippie era. This straightforward, simple look associated with the 'flower children' is very well known: long hair with a centre parting. The style has lost none of its popularity since then; the great thing about a centre parting is its timelessness and adaptability. Elegant and mature with smooth, silky hair, or fresh and playful in a messy, matte style.