Hair Styling | Side part

Hairstyle Psychology and Styling: The Parting

Hair may be parted in the middle or on the side. Partings may be short, long, accurate or irregular. Changing the way you part your hair will result in a considerable change in your facial appearance. Some even believe that the way you part your hair says something about your personality. You may find the perfect parting for your hairstyle in our gallery

Right now, the lowly parting gets a lot of attention. Changing the positioning or style of your parting is a simple way to look fresh and new. By the way, where and how you part your hair may say something about your personality.

What the Parting Says about Your Personality

The left hemisphere of the brain is most active in mathematically oriented people while people with more activity in the right hemisphere appear to favour the creative approach to living. If you always part your hair on one side this may help you to determine, which part of your brain is more active and whether you approach living like a fact-oriented analyst or a creative artist. It may be fun to find out whether hair psychologists put you into the category of the active, outgoing, and open-minded or into the category of the profound and sensitive. Of course, you can fool everybody and leave hair psychologists in limbo by parting your hair in the middle or change sides often to express the different aspects of your many abilities to deal with life.

It may be fun to part hair differently from time to time. Never mind the psychologists who may want to label you as fickle because you don’t commit to wearing your parting in the same place in steady determination.

Attractive Hairstyle and Parting Combinations

There is a perfect parting to go with every perfect hairstyle, which involves more than allowing your hair to hang down in limb strings. Use the entire arsenal of tools to tease, curl or straighten your hair or to come up with your own twists on hairstyles.

Please check out our hairstyle gallery for attractive hairstyle-parting combinations.