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Comb-over: Side Parting Style for Men

Keep it consistent? To wear the popular gentleman's look, combing the top hair accurately to one side is essential. The elegant, trendy hairdo with the side parting is known as the comb-over. Why you should take note of this style…

Comb-over by the book: short on the sides, shaved at the back of the neck

Boldly look to the past to find today's perfect hairstyle: in the 1960s only one haircut for men was perceived to make HIM a true gentleman. The main aspect: shorter on the sides and back of the neck, with longer top hair. The second key characteristic: longer top hair was then combed into a severe side parting. Also used often to hide thinning hair at first, this side parting style known as the comb-over honestly does not require any special skills. At least that is what the name comb-over indicates. But that sounds far too unassuming, since the hair is combed to the side with great care. Everything should be styled in top shape. What's more, the hairstyle with landed gentry charm has evolved. Currently the comb-over is presenting itself in a new version – the style looks refreshing with long hair. Ideally in the wet look (clearly visible lines from the comb are desirable!), with the longer sides simply gelled back. That is the look of today's gentleman. 

From classic to extravagant: we present the best side parting hairstyles for modern men in our gallery.

Comb-over: Side Parting Style

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