Man with side cut and beard
Hair Styling | Side cut

How men are wearing the trendy side cut

The side cut is a current favorite among men's hairdressers. We reveal how to cut and style this current look, and what kind of man this stylish cut suits.

The cool side cut for men is one of the biggest trend hairstyles of the year. In this look, a shorn side complements longer hair on the top of the head. The side cut boasts versatility: It can be styled sleek or wild. We reveal what makes this cut, and who it suits best.

How it’s cut and styled

So why “side” cut? Because one side is shaved, while the top and other side remain long. The latter can be as long as 4 to 6 inches, creating asymmetry. To achieve the look, longer hair is styled over to the side that is not shaved. Tip: This look calls for brave styling – it looks especially good when the longer hair is wild and messy. Use gel or wax and keep styling quick and rough, and you’ll have the look down in minutes.

Think a side cut is for you?

Young men especially wear this look well. But even mature men with gray hair can suit the look. The deciding factor is not your age but who you are. Is your style sporty and casual, or more formal and elegant? The shaved part of this hairstyle gives it a casual and very hip appearance. It’s therefore great for men in creative professions. It’s also perfect if you have full-bodied hair. Thinner hair could make the shaved side look bald, rather than purposely shorn. Also, thicker hair types make the longer section easier to style.


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