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How to wear your hair with a hat and avoid flyaway hair

Flyaway hair, limp roots - styling your hair when you're wearing hats in winter can be challenging. We tell you how to maintain volume under your hat and which headwear works with which hairstyle

Warm Companion for Cool Short Cuts!

Bobble cap, beanie or beret: In winter, you'll be wearing a hat at some stage. That's fine by us, because there's actually no more stylish way to top off a hairdo. The only downside: Once you head back to the warm indoors, you have to take your hat off. By that time, your styling is non-existent, your hair looks flat or has static. No more! With these tricks, you can avoid flyaways and other hat head issues:  

Avoid flyaways – with the right styling

Usually, it's hard to avoid flat hair and limp roots after taking off a hat. To prevent this undesired effect: Put on hairspray and brush your hair to distribute it, before putting on a hat.


For volume that survives being flattened by a hat: Rub in some volume powder at the roots, to give the hair volume and lift. Alternatively, you could backcomb at the roots. As soon as you've taken off your hat, knead hair with your fingers and use a little hairspray for fresh volume! Tip: For an instant volume boost, you can apply dry shampoo to revive your hair.

Hair care for hat hair

Friction and dry air create static. Don't even give flyaways a chance by using a hydrating conditioner after washing and a hair mask a couple of times a week. Hair oil can help in between: Simply spread a couple of drops and smooth over hair to tame individual flyaway hairs. 

Hats for any hair length

Women with long or medium length hair can wear pretty much any shape or style of hat. On trend this winter: Alpine bobble hats that make you look as though you just came down a ski slope. Only women with long hair can wear hats? Not true. Whether you're rocking a Clavi-Cut, Pixie or a Bob, you don't have to suffer cold ears – short hair can also look great with a hat. Which headwear you choose depends on your style preferences.

Tip: Stylish booble hats cleverly balance out chin-length haircuts, and are equal parts sporty and fashionable! A beanie looks particularly good on short hair with a fringe.
Fancy something a little more extravagant? No problem: Retro turbans or headbands (worn stylishly low on the forehead) are currently on trend.